Wide Open Design

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Company Name: Wide Open Design

Guest: Adam WoodleeWide Open Design logo


Located in Murfreesboro, TN, Wide Open Design is a constant trend setter in the off road industry. Their staff has extensive knowledge in trail riding, Ultra4 racing, and rock bouncing so they can help you with the parts you need for your truck, Jeep, RZR, or buggy.  Wide Open Design carries parts and accessories from fabrication tabs and brackets, and bolt-on accessories, to complete engines, electronics, suspensions, cages, and everything in between. Wide Open Design builds vehicles that are unique, reliable, and full of attitude.

E8 Adam Wide Open Design Head Shot with Background
Adam Woodlee

Wide Open Design is known for producing high quality work from the top to bottom on our vehicles. Their design work, fabrication, plumbing, electrical, final fit and finish, and over all style of their vehicles are pure quality. Wide Open Designs has built a variety of different off road style rigs. Their goal is to take what the customer wants and blend it with what it takes to make it work and come up with a totally original vehicle that will perform as good as it looks.

Adam Woodlee started building and designing rigs as a teenager. His love of fabrication developed into Wide Open Design. Wide Open Design has been building top of the line high-horsepower buggies and race cars for years. Adam can meet any challenge thrown at him and has proved his ingenuity time and time again.

Honors and Awards:


Product Line Categories:

Cool Buggies, Ultra4, IFS, UTVs
Seats, Fabrication Parts, Rod Ends, Safety Equipment, Harnesses and Seat Belts, Tools, Trail Gear, Apparel, Axle Assemblies, LED Lights, On Board Air, Chassis, Brakes, Cooling Systems, UTV Parts, Wheels, Winches, Steering, Suspension, Transmission and Parts, Transfer Cases, Plumbing Components, Tires.

Technology and Innovation:

MIG and TIG welding
Tube Bending
Tube Rolling
Plasma Cutting
Sheet metal Work
Shock Rebuilding
CAD Design
General Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

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