WERock and Dirt Riot

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werock dirt riot logoEvent Name: W.E. Rock and Dirt Riot – W.E. Rock Crawling and Dirt Riot 4×4 Endurance Racing

Date: 20+ Events per year

Location:  Across the Country, 7 different regional series

Guest:  Big Rich Klein, President & Founder of W.E. Rock Events

Event Description:

Founded as CalROCS in 2000, the first event was a standalone halo event that was called “Put-Up or Shut-Up”, (PUSU). PUSU was a “run what you brung” event – no vehicle classes, just had to have passed the safety rules to enter the event.

Due to the success of this first event, we started a series of competitions in 2001. CalROCS lasted through the 2004 season, drawing competitors from across the country. In 2002, at the urging of the competitors to hold events outside the western U.S, NARRCA (North American Rock Crawlers Association) began with regional rock crawling events all across the nation.

WERock Rich Head Shot with Background
Rich Klein

In late 2004, we founded W.E.ROCK (World Extreme Rock Crawling Championships), with plans for a true U.S. Championship Series starting in 2005. After the 2004 season, CalROCS was put on the shelf with plans to roll it out again in the future, it began again in 2011 as a Regional rock-crawling series in California run by Kurtis Harryman.   As W.E.ROCK, we established an organization of local, regional, national and international rock crawling events. In 2006, we held the first true World Championships, with teams coming from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia and South Africa. No World Championships have been held since due to economic constraints.

The competition continues now through 12 seasons, with more competitors expected in 2013 than in the previous three years.

We have re-established our long range plans and will continue to operate on a national level, while helping to continue the growth of the sport through creating regional and local event series.

W.E.ROCK established & continues to redefine Extreme Motorsports

2000 – November, 1st PUSU Competition
2001 – 1st year of the CalROCS Series
2002 – 2nd yr of CalROCS – 1st yr of NARRCA
2003 – 2004 CalROCS and NARCCA
2005 – 1st yr of W.EROCK Grand National Championship Series
2006 – 1st “True” Rock Crawling World Championship
2006 – Present – W.E.ROCK Grand National Championship Series

2011 – Present – Dirt Riot Endurance Racing Series

big rich dirt riotIn 2011, the Dirt Riot Endurance Racing series began with three “test” events in the mid-south. All of the events were hugely successful and spurred us on to create the Dirt Riot series in several areas around the nation.  In 2012, five separate series of three events each made up the first full year.  2013 sees four series, Central, Mountain, Southwest and Southeast culminating in the National Rampage event being held as the championship.  Dirt Riot Endurance Racing is a grassroots effort to put more drivers behind the wheel, courses are diverse and give the racers the opportunity to try new things and gain more seat time.

Event Sponsors:

Maxxis Tires, Artec Industries, Trail Gear, Branik Motorsports, Crown Automotive, Superchips, Dirt Skins, Fox Racing Shox, MetalCloak, PSC Motorsports, Currie Enterprises, Tom Woods Custom Driveshafts, JM Rigging Supply, Axel Off Road Gear & Apparel, PCI Race Radios, Advance Adapters, Pac Racing Springs, Revolution Gear, Sparks Pro Racing, Titan Fuel Tanks, The SickLine.com, Race Team Store


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