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Todd Romano Featured Head Shot with Background BPH Episode 15Name: Todd Romano

Team Name:

TONKA Off-Road, Romano Racing

Type of Vehicle:

Tonka Trophy Truck

Career Highlights:

2002 Founded DragonFire Racing
2011 Founded Hawk Performance Products
2015 Co-Founded SPEED RMG Line


Todd Romano isn’t just a successful racer. He is the founder of DragonFire racing and now has partnered up with competitor Robby Gordon and Arctic Cat for the new SPEED RMG line.

Romano founded DragonFire Racing in 2002 in order to improve his team’s desert-racing program in buggies, trucks and ATVs, building aftermarket wheels, suspension arms and armor. When Team DFR received one of the first Yamaha Rhinos, Romano set out to improve its suspension and durability for the desert, and DFR became a pioneer in the evolution of high-performance UTVs.

He sold DFR in 2007 and founded Hawk Performance Products in 2011. He also formed Finish-Line Marketing, which led to the TONKA Off-Road Program, a new and unique marketing concept for TONKA and Hasbro. Todd marketed his desert racing team and its media reach to Hasbro so children could aspire to “be like Todd Romano.” The Tonka trick trucks and buggies grew Tonka’s sales 35 percent last year, while Mattel laid off 35 percent of its staff. We hope to see Todd’s Wildcat 1000 X and XP 4 pre-runner replicated by TONKA this year, and he’s turned six SCORE championships into an empire, with 5 million toys included in Wendy’s Kids Meals in 2014. Not only is he growing his own brand, he’s elevating the whole sport with new sponsor, retailer and consumer awareness.

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