Tim Cameron

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Timmie Head Shot with Background E11 BPHName: Tim (Timmie) Cameron

Team Name: Tim Cameron Racing

Type of Vehicle:

Rock Bouncer; TC Built all tube chassis Buggy

Career Highlights:

Multiple Bounty Hill Winner
2014 King of the Hammers 10th place finisher


Rock Bouncer Tim Cameron hails from Tennessee where he enjoys building and fabrication, racing, and hunting.

“Ive been in the sport since I was 15 years old . I love the adrenalin rush of goin fast and being on top of my game. And always try to do my best a building my car and driving my car to a spot on the podium for a finish.”

Q & A with Timmie:

Q: What was your first off-road vehicle? How old were you?
A: Built cy 7 Jeep, a 1 ton, 383 stroker, leaf sprung, 44″ tires, I was 15 years old.

Q: What/Who got you into the off-road world and behind the steering wheel?
A: When I was 13 years old I would go with my buddy Joe Matlock to Tellico plains. He got me into the sport.

Q: What is your proudest racing moment?
A: It would have to be the first time I got to name my own bounty hill; when I climbed Showtime Hill in Hotsprings, Arkansas.

Q: What are your three most memorable racing moments?
A: Climbing Showtime Hill, climbing Cameron Hill at Windrock (still the only one to climb) and climbing One Shot Hill at Kink Knob.

Q: Who has inspired your success and why?
A: The people out there building and competing with their own rigs. Competing against them is very inspiring to work harder.

Q: What is the one moment you keep replaying in your head?
A: At the King Knob race there was a turn I tried to take too sharp and I clipped a tree. It cost me the win for the day!

Q: What was your worst wreck? What did it take to get back in the car again?
A: The Green Goblin backflipped. I knew it was just a mistake though so I jumped back in and just learned from it.

Q: Do you have a training regiment? What does your daily grind look like?
A: A lot of hunting, which includes walking. So that’s my work out.

Q: Walk us through getting ready for a typical race How much time and preparation is invested?
A: Typically there are bolt checks, fluid changes, test runs, etc. There is about 15 hours of prep all in all.

Q: Do you drive fast everyday or just at the races?
A: A little bit of both.

Q: Zip Ties or Duct Tape?
A: Zip Ties

Marketing Partners:

Ouverson Engineering, PTC Transmissions, Trailworthy Fab, PSC Steering, Gofourth Tire, Offroad Solutions, Hayes Farms, McCormic Machine.

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