The Studio Office

Behind the Scenes-Studio OfficeBower Power Hour gives you an inside glimpse into the Studio Office here at Bower Motorsports Media. The show is filmed at Charlene’s desk-studio, built/assembled by none other than Bower Media’s own tool man, Matt. The office is decorated with an assortment of off-road memorabilia. BFGoodrich photos taken by Charlene herself liven up the walls, along with the awesome Bower Power Hour sign and other Bower Motorsport Media, I’m Not Just a Girl, and Race Team Store Items! Who doesn’t have a gear clock hanging in their office? The studio office even has our Bower Kids Calendar hanging, incase we ever have the overwhelming urge to color. You may catch a glimpse of the Bower Motorsport Media mascots, Piston and Oil, prowling around in the background. Make sure to watch the shelves behind Charlene to see if they make an appearance, because it’s bound to happen at some point.

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