The History of Bower Power Hour

Behind the Scenes-BPH signThe creation of Bower Power Hour started months ago, when a radio station in need of a new show approached Charlene about starting up an off-road news show. Initially Charlene turned the station down since Bower Motorsports Media already had quite a bit on its’ plate. Coincidentally an online TV station approached Charlene in search of something similar: an up to date, current, off-road news show. Again, she turned them down due to the workload at Bower Media. Over the next couple months, both parties continued to call Charlene of which Charlene sincerely declined.  So what happened that made Charlene change her mind?

Charlene received an awesome opportunity in February and, like all marketing folks, she took the opportunity and put a media plan together.  “We have awesome print magazines in our industry right now, the internet outlets are all working great and the offroad produced TV shows that are playing have a set storyline and script.  There really isn’t anything that has a voice where someone can call and have breaking news or develop their story.  I realized that there was a hole and that we needed to fix that,” said Charlene on the first episode of Bower Power Hour.  So she began to research, plot, and pull a marketing plan together for a new off-road news show. Racers deserve an unscripted voice and fans deserve breaking news about the off-road world. Business plans were made, equipment was purchased, and the Bower Power Hour studio was assembled.

All of this led has led Bower Power Hour to where it is today; we are producing an off-road news show complete with guest racers, companies, and event promoters from the industry. We have land use and tech professionals and an opportunity for enthusiasts to participate with the show! It’s available for you to watch or listen on whatever platform you like best! Be sure to watch our new episode each week.

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