Offroaders Rock – Stacie Albright and the California Wildfires

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Offroaders Rock Stacie Head Shot with BackgroundProject Name: The California Wild Fires

Guests: Stacie Albright


Her fellow citizens of California who were struck and devastated by the wildfires.


When the wildfires came too close to home, Stacie Albright, and the rest of her off-roading/4×4 group, knew that something had to be done to help rebuild after the fires. Utilizing their 4×4 vehicles that could navigate the burnt and ruined terrain, Stacie Albright and the group helped by taking loads of supplies to those stranded and left with nothing while waiting for fire-crews to arrive and clear a path.

Though many families were left devastated after the wildfires this past summer, Stacie and the rest of the group showed the true charity of the off-road community and banded together to help out. It wasn’t the actions of a club or land use group, but rather just a small group who wanted to help out their community. These Offroaders Rock!


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