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Company Name: Spicer Parts and DANA

Guest: Randall Speir


Genuine Spicer Parts products are manufactured to the same high standards as Original Equipment (OE) parts. That is because they are OE parts. When a part is replaced with a genuine Spicer product, it is being replaced with the original equipment product, ensuring the same performance and reliability you have come to expect. In fact, given our dedication to engineering and design innovation. When you use Spicer parts, you know you are buying the highest quality product available.

Dana craftsmanship means you get longer life and less downtime. Complete interchangeability with existing parts provides total product compatibility with no change in part numbers. There is no substitute for genuine Spicer products. Consult the Spicer parts Comparative Testing Data page for more information on how Spicer products can reduce and simplify your vehicle’s maintenance. You will find informative comparative testing data for Spicer driveshaft parts and universal joints, Dana axles, Spicer axle components, and our off-highway gearing.

Randall Dana Spicer Head Shot with Background
Randall Speir

Spicer Parts was started in 1904 by engineer Clarence Spicer who was focused on creating automotive innovations. After much struggle and hard work Charles Dana signed on to the company and helped expand it to eventually become the huge manufacturer it is today.

Product Line Categories:

Axel, Transmission, Transfer Case, Driveshaft, Central Tire Inflation Systems, Lubricants

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