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Social Dirt - Winching Stories 13
Kacy Thompson

For this week’s Bower Power Hour Social Dirt Segment, we asked fans to submit their most interesting winching stories. A lot of them came from this year’s Tierra Del Sol’s Desert Safari. Here are the stories that were featured on this week’s Bower Power Hour. CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE STORIES

Our random draw winner was Kacy Thompson from California who shared her picture of things getting a little tight at this year’s Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari. She said, “Had to use a little winch love to keep me going through the slot canyon at TDS. It was a tight fit!”

Social Dirt - Winching Stories 7
Brian Behrend

Another story came from Brian Behrend, also from California, who said: “Trying to help a guy out and got myself stuck and had to winch out of some stinky salted sea crusty mud/quicksand. Thank goodness for my friends coming to the rescue of us both.” Sounds like that was quite the situation!

Our last featured story come from Nicholas Tsakalos who also had a Tierra Del Sol winching experience, he said: “at the last TDS a friend of ours got his 40,000lb RV stuck in some soft sand so we used two jeeps with winches anchored to a monster truck and a duramax with a loaded trailer. It took two snatch blocks multiple straps lots of D Rings and a lot of praying!”

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