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Social Dirt - Trailer HaulingFor this week’s Bower Power Hour Social Dirt Segment, we asked fans to submit their crazy towing stories, and boy were there some scary stories out there! These are the featured fan stories from the contest.

This week’s random draw winner was Mike Cobia from Utah, who told us a trailer story involving twine. he said “As a 17 year-old boy scout. I was pulling a trailer full of six canoes from Pocatello to Palisades Idaho. At one point the trailer passed us. It slid into the center of the road and turned on its side. We pulled over in front of the trailer placed the ground down hitch on top of the ball as best as we could and tied it down with bailing twine we stole from a nearby fence. The farmer had hung some up there for some purpose. We drove another 70 miles and arrive safely.”

Lance Schiedler from Oregon told us he had quite a few trailer hauling stories, but shared this one with us. “Usually we leave Friday night to the races depending on how far away we have to travel. It’s usually 2.5 to 5 Social Dirt - Trailer Haulinghours depending on the track. So for some reason I think we were waiting on parts to be delivered that had to make the trip to the track with us a little over two hours away. Finally the parts showed up but we were tired from working long hours so we decided to leave early in the morning. At 5am we hit the road with time planned for a breakfast stop. Crossing from Oregon into Washington I see in the mirror behind us a couple cars swerving around. Thinking nothing of it onward we go a few miles further, when a white contractor type pickup pulls up next to us doing the frantic pointing like something is going to or already exploded on the trailer.

Come to find out it was a fellow racer that saw our trailer tire explode which splattered his truck and the two Social Dirt - Trailer Haulingcars (hence the swerving cars) with pieces of tire carcass. No problem we got tools and the Jack. We will just change it and on we go. Then we both looked at each other And “asked did you toss in the spare trailer tire? ” the funny look on my brothers face leads me to that was a negative. So we took the tire off the other side and tied one axle up and ran on one till we could find a town to buy a tire. After 5 stops we finally found a tire and wheel. Got to the track just in time to have race rig tech inspection while still on the trailer and we were getting helmets and gear out to make our start time for our class.” Oh man! Definitely check to make sure you have your spares with you!

Social Dirt - Trailer HaulingAnd Doyle Ross from New York told us his lucky escape with his trailer. “Years back when i worked at a marina on Lake George i was hauling a boat up Mohecan hill.It is a very steep hill with houses along both sides. Almost to the top i hit a bump and then felt a tug and a bang..trailer came off the ball and lucky for me only 1 or the 2 safety chains broke. Had to block the trailer in the middle of the road and re hook by myself..not fun on a steep hill. Glad it didnt take off down the hill and hit someones house..owner of the boat who is head of security at the Sagamore resort would not of been to happy”

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