Social Dirt – The Pets of Offroad

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Social Dirt Winner (Pets)
Barbara Rainey – Shadow

For this episode’s Social Dirt, we asked viewers to share their furry and four-legged off-road companions. Here are a few of our favorite!

Our random draw Social Dirt contest winner Barbara Rainey from Reno, Nevada posted a photo of her beautiful dog Shadow, stating: “Shadow’s been wheeling since he was a pup! Usually he’s running out in front, but every once in a while he likes to drive.”

What a sweet trail riding companion!

Social Dirt (Pets)
Manuel Perez – Buster

Manuel Perez shared his story all the way from Italy! He said: “Buster is a great wheeling dog and loves kayaking. He helps load and unload groceries and camping gear when we go camping”

Sounds like he has quite the helpful four-legged trail companion!

Another story comes from Jesse Farmer in New York who introduced us to his two furry off-road companions: “The chocolate lab is Wrangler, and the Bernese Mountain dog is Jamaica. They are both 4 1/2 and have been wheeling with me since they were puppies. They have their own set up in the back seat and seat belts but they mostly just sleep until lunch on the trail. This photo was taken at the Pirate Jeep Jamboree in Monticello

Social Dirt (Pets)
Jesse Farmer – Wrangler and Bernese

NY. They have wheeled from PA to Maine and travel so well. People who I’ve wheeled with a number of times don’t remember my name, but they do remember the dogs names and seem to get excited to see them. That’s ok with me, they are great dogs and I really lucked out with these two.”

He definitely hit the jackpot when it comes to wheeling dogs!

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