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Social Dirt King of the Hammers
Jason Moon

We are starting a new segment here on Bower Power Hour called Social Dirt. Our goal has always been to have some type of interaction with your awesome stories and driving back from King of the Hammers I had a great idea. At least I think it is…we’ll see what you think soon enough!   Each Monday on our Bower Power Hour Facebook page, we will post a photo and story topic for you to comment on with your own story, and of course we always encourage you to add a picture – we want to hear your dirt, your story, all about your trips and dirt filled experiences!   Then, Every Thursday, we will randomly select a winner to receive an awesome Bower Power Hour swag bag filled with a t-shirt, mousepad, and other goodies!  Cool so far right?  But then I was thinking about how this could go to the next step and came up with this next idea… We’ll grab all the pictures,  and choose a handful of stories, including the winner’s, to be featured in this segment.  What do you think?  Are you ready to see what we are talking about?  All right, here we go…

For our first contest, we asked for fans to share their favorite King of the Hammers experience, and the response was great!

Social Dirt King of the Hammers
Jordan Gallagher

Jason Moon from Oregon who was our big swag bag winner! His statement with his picture of King of the Hammers was “Best time I ever had.  can’t wait for next year so many awesome people and cars all in one spot the camaraderie is some of the best I’ve ever experienced.”  Love it and can’t agree more!

Another story that caught our eye was Jordan Gallagher, who said, “We travelled from Australia to come over and watch the Hammers. Best week of my life, I would love to do it every year. We were out at clawhammer for the main race and got to see heaps of action, I would say my favorite part was watching Bailey Campbell drive it. She is a top driver who didn’t even hesitate driving that track.”

Justin Lyons from California told us that the best part about King of the Hammers was “having the opportunity

Social Dirt King of the Hammers
Justin Lyons

to volunteer this year and being so close I could high five the drivers as they go by! Can’t wait to for next year!!!”

And Jeremy Hammer, from right here in Arizona, had an awesome team story for King of the Hammers. His best moment was “Getting it done finally! Team Smiles was there waiting for us. After two flawless laps we had the worst luck on the final lap. Two rollovers on the rock trails and two blown tires (at the same time). We spent 90 minutes with a small hammer trying to bend a forged rim back enough to seal the bead. Oh yeah our jack was destroyed in our first rollover so lifting the truck was fun.  It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done and I’m happy to say we made it in with 7 min to spare.”   

Social Dirt King of the Hammers
Jeremy Hammer

I’m going to add to this story by saying the Fly-N-Hi group is awesome.  I had made it back to the trailer for dinner at like 9pm when I heard that they were coming in.  One of the guys camping with us was going to head into town to congratulate them, so I jumped in and went with him.  I got there just in time to grab a picture on the podium and their team pictures.  Super stoked for all of them!!

So, join in on our fun.  I’ll tell you I have one more trick up my sleeve that I will announce shortly.  Head over to our Facebook page now to see what story we are looking for now.  New prompts are posted to our Facebook every Monday.

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