September 24 2015 Bower Power Hour

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Featured Company: Greg Adler, 4 Wheel Parts

Featured Company: Todd Quigley, Quigley 4×4

Featured Offroaders Rock: Kevin Carey, Wheelers for the Wounded of California

Bower Media Adventures: Backdoor Challenge

Hosted by: Charlene Bower

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“BFGoodrich Announces Are You Driver Enough Sweepstakes”

“Ram Trucks Are Setting the Bar on Fuel Efficiency, Power, Payload and Towing”

“The Four E’s Del Albright’s Formula For Sustaining a Trail System”

“STI Delivers New 28 and 32 inch Outback Max”

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Episode Guests: 4 Wheel Parts Greg Adler, Quigley 4×4 Todd Quigley, Wheelers for the Wounded of California Kevin Carey, and the Backdoor Challenge at King of the Hammers

Bower Power Hour Greg Adler 4Wheel PartsMESA, ARIZONA   SEPTEMBER 24, 2015: Business is a passion of Charlene’s, and learning from leaders in the industry about their success path is always intriguing. The offroad industry is primarily driven by enthusiasts and discretionary income, which makes business owners jobs extremely difficult. The quality of the product or service has to be high to demand the consumer spending. When it comes to business, one of the leaders is certainly the TransAmerican Auto Parts conglomerate with 50 years in the business and multiple levels of business. In this episode, we also speak with Todd Quigley a third generation Quigley continuing the family business and quality.

Bower Power Hour Todd Quigley 4x4This week’s Bower Power Hour Guests are 4 Wheel Parts Greg Adler, Todd Quigley of Quigley 4×4, Kevin Carey from Wheelers for the Wounded California, and Charlene takes us on a Bower Media Adventure to the Backdoor Challenge at King of the Hammers. Greg Adler takes us through the entire history of 4 Wheel Parts and successfully opening 70 stores, racing and being the Chairman of ORBA. Todd walked us through the ins and outs of creating 4×4 vans that are both fun and family friendly. Then Kevin joined the Offroaders Rock section to talk about how the Wheelers for the Wounded give back to our veterans and show them a good time on the trails.

Bower Power Hour Kevin Carey Wheelers for the Wounded“It’s great to see so many off-road businesses growing and expanding. When the economy dropped in 2008, so did most all of the businesses. Those that slimmed down for the short term are now thriving during this up-turn in the economy. It is awesome to see the shows full of strong and new vendors,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “This episode brought two excellent off-road businesses to the table, both family run for generations. Greg showed us how growth can be achieved in establishing a brand name, and Todd demonstrated how finding a niche in the market provided ample room for growth. Kevin added how companies are supporting programs like theirs for Veterans, and of course most of the parts business is built on extreme wheeling and breaking or upgrading parts and luckily for me I made it up Backdoor quite a few times now without breaking anything. Knock on wood!”

Bower Power Hour Charlene Bower King of the HammersThere are multiple ways to watch and listen to the show including YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Stitcher, Tune In and more. Please feel free to share or embed the show as you would like. Dive in and learn more about each guest, and see all the watch and listen links at along with links to the breaking news from the show.

Bower Power Hour gives you an in depth look at racers, events, businesses, land issues, tech and other aspects to bring you the nitty-gritty news of the entire off-road lifestyle that we all love. Hosted by Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Motorsports Media, the guest list is extensive and energetic from all aspect of the off-road industry.  The stories are fun and filled, with in-depth conversations about technology and innovation. Our national partners including BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire, Kicker and Pennzoil have made the Bower Power Hour possible. Please utilize the Let’s Chat page to reach out to us.

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