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SSSS Logo BPH E23Event Name: Sand Sports Super Show

Date: September 18-20

Location: Costa Mesa, CA

Guest Name: Shawn Parker

Event Description:

Sand Sports Super Show was created in 1999 to support the Off Road industry, specifically for those related to the Sand Dune industry. It was made to help support manufacturers and vendors and to help raise awareness and fight the closing of several riding areas.

The Sand Sports Super Show is the world’s biggest Sand Sports Expo! For over 12 years the Sand Sports Super Show has been the largest and most exciting dune and dirt sport show on the West Coast. Every September hundreds of vendors come together at the OC Fair and Event Center in Costa Mesa to show sand sport enthusiasts the latest and greatest gear. There are even events so the kids can get involved. It is the perfect event for Sand Sport families. You even have a chance to win awesome raffle prizes.

E7 Shawn SSSS Head Shot with Background
Shawn Parker

Shawn Parker works as the manager and show director for the Sand Sports Super show. She scurries around getting vendors lines up, booths assigned, etc. It’s safe to say that she helps produce an amazing show. Shawn has been keeping the Expo going for almost 15 years!

Q & A With Shawn:
Q: What is associated with the event?
A:  The Show includes the actual Trade Show along with  TRAXXAS Stadium Super Trucks, hundreds of different vehicles on display and lots of food!

Q: What do you have for the kids?
A: The event has BLM kids stuff, Oceana, Dunes kids stuff, there is an RC race area with cars, a petting zoo, and a farm. It is truly a family event, we always joke about how many strollers we see. There’s something for everyone in the family.

Q: Is there anything that encourages technology and innovation?
A: Always! Each year the vendors always bring great new products to the table for the Sand Dune community.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of the event? How did you overcome it?
A: The biggest challenge had to be back in 2008 when the financial world crashed. We went from over 400 exhibitors and a waiting list to just over 100 exhibitors who didn’t even know if their businesses would be there tomorrow. We worked with the fairgrounds to support us during the tough times as well as with our vendors. In turn we worked with all our exhibitors and we all mostly pulled through. We may never see pre 2008 numbers again, but the past few years have been great for the industry.

Q: Are there any non-profits that your event supports?
A: We support the American Sand Association (ASA), SDORC CORVA, BLM Imperial Sand Dunes, AMA District 37, United Desert Gateway, and Dormack Racing.

Q: How has your event supported or helped extend the Off Road industry since its conception?
A: The Sand Sports Super Show provides and important platform for the Sand Industry. It not only creates a legacy of sand sport enthusiasts from the families that attend, but it also allows the industry to be seen. Businesses are able to promote the latest technology and continue to develop more each year. It acts as a voice for the sand sports community.

Q: What is the ultimate look of your event?
A: It’s really just a very cool sample of what is out there.

Q: If the world revolved around you, what would you want it to be?
A: A sand dune!

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