Rod Hall

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Rod Hall Logo BPHName: Rod Hall

Team Name: Rod Hall Racing

Type of Vehicle:


Career Highlights:

1967 Winner inaugural NORRA Mexican 1000, now known as the Baja 1000
Participated in every Baja 1000
2009 received 20th and 21st Baja 1000 victories
1980s had 35 consecutive race wins
Over 160 major career off-road victories
More than a dozen SCORE/HDRA & Best in the Desert (BitD) championship titles

E7 Rod Hall Head Shot with Background
Rod Hall


Rod Hall began racing in the 1950s back when Off Road racing was just starting to become an organized sport. He is best know for participating in every NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally since its inaugural run in 1967 (which he won). He is also the only driver to have competed in every Baja 1000 in a 4-wheeled vehicle. He has the longest, unbroken string, of 35 consecutive race wins, in Off Road history. Rod Hall is also the only driver to have won the Baja over-all in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Rod Hall is the owner of Team HUMMER. He is also partnered with Mike Winkle in Reno’s Rod Hall/Winkle HUMMER. His franchise was actually the first stand-alone Hummer dealership in the country. Rod, along with his sons Josh and Chad, drives one of 3 production race vehicles for Team HUMMER. Hall retired the his Hummer race team from full race series action in 2009, after winning his 18th Baja 1000 victory in the Hummer H3. He continues to field a Hummer entry at the Baja 1000 though.

Rod is now using his amazing racing career to shape the skills of hopeful drivers, at Rod Hall DRIVE. Rod Hall DRIVE is the only off-road driving school that provides its students with championship proven techniques in high performance, high speed four-wheel drive desert machines.

Q & A With Rod Hall:
Q: What was your first off-road vehicle?
A: It was a 1956 VW.

Q: Who do you look up to as your hero?
A: Frank DeAngelo

Q: What have you noticed change in the off-road industry since you started racing?
A: I started racing in 1967, everything has changed.

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