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RCV LogoCompany Name: RCV Performance Products

Guest: Josh Ortigiensen


RCV Performance products is all about the axels (we actually installed a 35-spline RCV axle on the Craigslisticon if you remember). Although the axle is a fairly common part, RCV does things a little differently.

At RCV, they use engineering and manufacturing experience to develop and produce CV axles and other high-performance drive line components for the automotive, truck, and bus industries. RCV’s main focus is on patented CV Axle conversions and replacement IFS axle shafts for the automotive off-road market. RCV provides “off the shelf” solutions as well as caters to custom application projects, and other large and small driveline projects as they come in the door.

E45 Josh RCV Headshot
Josh Ortigiesen

RCV axles are 100% American made, and made in-house. Their axles use two different and distinct types of metal with a chemical treatment process, replace the typical u-joint with a CV (or constant velocity) joint, and a unique tapering shape to allow for use with air lockers.

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CV Axles, CV Joints, CV Components, Toyota Products, UTV Components, Rear Axles, Axle Shafts, Drive Flanges, Hubs, Tube Seals, Disconnect Block Offs, Tools and Grease, Slip Splines,

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