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Bomber Fab Logo BPHName: Randy Slawson

Team Name: Bomber Fab

Co-driver: Mike Slawson

Career Highlights:

2013 King of the Hammers
2015 King of the Hammers


Randy Slawson has been a part of the King of the Hammers for years, but just recently started competing in the race.

E37 Randy Bomber Fab Head Shot with Background copyAfter making the decision to race the “Baja 1000 of rock crawling” Randy had to build a car. In 8 short weeks Randy managed to build himself a winning King of the Hammers car. Though the brothers faced their share of issues throughout the races, they have managed to come in on top twice now.

Randy is also the owner of the off-road business Bomber Fabrication (Bomber Fab for short). Founded in 2009 Bomber Fabrication LLC. is a small, high end fabrication shop specializing in building, maintaining and repairing off road Race vehicles. The company will build anything you can think of from mild to wild, bare chassis to full turn key racers. Bomber Chassis represent one of if not the “winningest chassis” to race at the grueling King Of Hammers endurance and skills race.

Randy Slawson personally hand selects all of the products that get sold at Bomber Fab. He and his team at Bomber Fab are constantly testing and improving their designs, using the Bomber Fab rock crawler as a guinea pig. Thanks to the constant testing and improving, Randy think that they have finally finished working out the major kinks in the car, and are taking it back to King of the Hammers for it’s 3rd year of racing.

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