Kevin McCullough

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Foddrill Logo (McCullough)Name: Kevin McCullough

Team Name: Foddrill Motorsports

Type of Vehicle:


Career Highlights:

Crandon World Champion 2014
2014 Lucas Oil Rookie of the Year
Mutiple wins in 2015 and Fast Lap Awards

McCullough Head Shot with Background
Kevin McCullough


Kevin McCullough has been a part of the racing and off-road world all his life. His childhood he spent racing dirt bikes and quads, starting at the age of 4. He moved on from dirt bikes and began racing quads, which he did for 8 years. Then Kevin discovered short course racing, and he has been hooked ever since.

Kevin credits his father for starting him in the offroad world, having spent a good deal of his childhood in the dunes. He also helped get Kevin into racing.

Q and A with Kevin McCullough:
Q: What is your proudest racing moment?
A: I would say winning the World Championship weekend in Crandon.

Q: Who has inspired you to your successes?
A: Mostly my grand father he has always supported me and inspired me to be successful at every thing I do.

Q: What is that one moment that you keep replaying in your head?
A: Probably Vegas race 2015, I was taken out by a competitor early in the race and broke the front shock off. I decide to just keep racing and still finished in the top 10 at the race but damaged the car in the process thinking on it know it was unsafe and I should have just pulled off and watched the rest of the race.

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Stapleton Roofing, Foddrill Motorsports, Destry Abbott Training Facility, MDM Racing

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