Raceline Wheels

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Raceline Black LogoCompany Name: Raceline Wheels

Guest: Greg Mulkey

Greg Mulkey has been working for Raceline Wheels for 18 years as their lead consumer engineer, and helped start the racing division 15 years ago.


Raceline Greg Head Shot with Background
Greg Mulkey

Founded in 1996, Raceline Wheels® are competition proven wheels with multiple championships in many different racing disciplines.  Raceline Wheels® has had great success transferring this  knowledge from racing to the street, bringing the same high quality products to a full line of wheels for everyday vehicles.  Headquartered in Garden Grove, California (Orange County), Raceline Wheels® is a wheel industry leader in performance, craftsmanship, engineering and innovation. Owned by Allied wheel Components, Inc., Raceline Wheels® distributes its products through an independent distributor system in the United States and through international distributors in more than 30 countries.  For more information on Raceline Wheels®, log onto www.racelinewheels.com.

Greg Mulkey began his career in wheels at the age of 14 for Marsh Racing Tires out of Arkansas, working his way up to sales. In 1979 he helped develop the very first Beadlock wheel (for which Raceline is know).

Greg Mulkey Q and A:

Q: What is the company most well known for? (Product, service, innovation?)
A: Raceline Wheels is mostly known for its Beadlock Wheels.

Q: How do you test your products?
A: We really beat the heck out of our wheels to test every single element. We test them in our company, put them under stress teat, lower the PSI, and beat them in order to get rid of imperfections. We also take our wheels out to the races to run them through real world simulations, and again we beat the heck out of them to really test their integrity.

Q: What is a piece of advice that you want to give to the next generation of inventors/owners/employees?
A: My advice is to NOT just dive fully into something. Sit back at find those who are great at what they do and experienced. You can always learn more from others than on your own. This lets you learn from their mistakes and duplicate their wins.

Q: Duct Tape or zip ties?
A: Zip ties definitely; there’s never a big enough zip tie.


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