Quigley Motor Company

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Quigley Motor Company BPH E20Company Name: Quigley Motor Company (Quigley 4×4)

Guest: Todd Quigley


Quigley Motor Company was founded back in 1966 by William Quigley as a used car and light truck sales place. In 1967 the company added truck accessories and travel trailer sales to the business. Then in 1972, Quigley Motor Company started to design and manufacture customized vans, and did so through 1991. Mike Quigley (William’s son and the current CEO of the company) designed and built the first 4×4, full sized van in 1974.

Todd Quigley Featured Head Shot with Background BPH E20
Todd Quigley

Quigley Motor Company moved to their current 55,000 sqft facility in 1995, and then later added an additional 17,000 sqft warehouse in 2007.

Q and A with Todd Quigley:
What is the company most well known for?
A: We are the industry leader of 4×4 Ford, GM, and Nissan full size van manufacturing, product support, and innovation.

Q: How do you test your products?
A: We use a certified 3rd party testing as well as our own durability testing out in Moab and local off-road parks. The CEO, VP, and numerous other employees have our products as their day-to-day vehicle, so they sort of test it as well.

Q: How long do you R&D and test a new product before taking it to market?
A: The entire process takes around 9 to 12 months for new models. If it is just an OE design check on a current model then that usually only takes around 3 to 4 months.

Honors and Awards:

Ford SVE Ship-Thru and Drop-Ship
GM Ship-Thru and Drop-Ship
Nissan Ship-To
GSA Approved
Transport Canada Approved

Contact Info:

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(877) 342-8183


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