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charlene bower courtney hanson powernation tvThe guests that we have on this show are great, and I would like to talk about being on PowerNation TV as a guest of Courtney Hansen.  If your not familiar, PowerNation TV is the segments that run in between the four shows Detroit Muscle, Engine Power, Truck Tech and Ian Johnsons Xtreme 4×4 on SPIKE, CBS Sports Network and NBC Sports Network.

You may find this silly, but one of my goals for last year was I wanted to take a vacation, like a real vacation without motors and dirt and such.  Well, we kinda succeeded.  When I got offered the opportunity to go to Nashville, Tennessee to the studio for the recording, I booked a flight for both Matt and I for a long weekend.  I had been to the area before, but was looking forward to being a bit of a tourist, and yes, we totally touristed it up. charlene matt bower power hour Starting with the sipping Jack Daniels distillery tour of course, I added being able to buy a barrel of Jack Daniels to my list of Bower Media goals.  We also hit the real Grand Ole Opry for an evening of entertainment, spent the afternoon at the Gaylord Opryland Resort checking out all the Christmas decorations and went through the Ice Exhibit.  It was cold.  And of course, Matt’s favorite part of the whole trip was me dragging him through Opryland to see all the Christmas Trees. 🙂  The evenings were really fun for us as we stayed in downtown and was able to walk up one side of Main Street and down the other.  We did a drink to drink, bar to bar, hop and had a great time listening to all the music and seeing who may be the ‘next big thing’ perform.

ian johnson xtreme4x4When we hit the studio, we met up with Jimmy Penner from Essentially Offroad and Mark McCallister who had Timmie Cameron’s Ultra4 racer that would sit in the backdrop of my interview.  We hung out in the studios for a while while we waited for our time slot. We got to catch up with Ian in his shop and checked in on a few of the other guys that had work going on in their shops.  If you ever have the chance to visit, it is a really cool environment.  As Ian mentioned, they all work on their own projects.  When it was time,  I got professional make up done for the first time, which has now become a weekly habit, and my hair was all fancy.  Courtney was a blast to work with and we nailed it within a couple takes.  The topic was about our Racer Marketing School where I teach racers how to get sponsors, but more importantly keep the sponsors.  If you are gearz garage charlene bowerinterested in more information please reach out, or check out the interview that aired in February.  It was really awesome, and I so appreciated the opportunity to let all racers in every category know they have help out there!

After a full day at the studios, we celebrated with another night in downtown, of course.  The following day we had a few hours before our flight and took some time to drop by and visit with Stacy David at his Gearz Garage, another cool TV studio, and Adam Woodlee at Wide Open Design.  Then it was time to head home from our makeshift vacation.  I swear, one day I will get a real vacation.

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