Poison Spyder

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Poison Spyder Logo BPHCompany Name: Poison Spyder Customs

Guest: Larry McRae

Owner of Poison Spyder Customs


Poison Spyder is a custom Jeep Armor shop whose goal is ” to offer you the highest quality, best-fitting, easiest to install, most professionally crafted off-road products on the market”.

Poison Spyder is owned by life-long wheeler Larry McRae. From pre-runners to rock crawlers, Larry has always owned an off road vehicle of some sort, even before he could legally drive on the street. Larry’s desire to wheel with his buddies led him to help form a 4 wheel drive club while still in high school. Larry and his wife Cheri are long time members of the Inland Empire 4 Wheel Drive Club. Larry is currently club Historian and Past President and Cheri is forum moderator and past treasurer. They’ve also had the honor of being the club’s Trail Boss Of The Year and Four Wheeling Family Of The Year.

E6 Larry Posion Spyder Head Shot with Background
Larry McRae

The Southwest States Ultimate Adventure is where Larry McRae met Clifton Slay. This friendship eventually led to the McRae’s purchase of Poison Spyder Customs. Like Slay, McRae had a passion for the outdoors and contributed to the off-road community. Larry’s competitive spirit has led Poison Spyder into prominence. The McRae’s undeniable urge to improve their rigs, their passion for the adventures of wheeling, their love for the people in the off road community, their competitive spirit, their many years as a successful business owners led them to be successful caretakers of Poison Spyder.

Honors and Awards:

2014- “Top Chamber Award” Banning Chamber of Comerce

Product Line Categories:

Custom Jeep Armor
Jeep JK 2007- Current
Jeep TJ- LJ 1997-2006
Jeep YJ 1987- 1996
Jeep CJ 19-75-1986
Universal 4×4

Technology and Innovation:

Jeep Bumpers, Stingers & Tire Carriers, Skid Plates, Rockers Guards & Skids, Full Cages, Corner Guards, Comp Cut Corners, Tube Fenders & Flares, Hood Louvers, Light Mounts

Contact Info:

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