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pci logo BPH E22Company Name: PCI Race Radios

Guest: Rhiannon Freiley


Quality. Service. Support.


PCI Race Radios started in 1972, Bob put communications in the vehicles of Bill Stroppe, Joe MacPherson and Walker Evans. At the 1974 Mint 400, he sent up three weather balloons with five hundred feet of coax attached and the first successful radio relay from a pit was made. It is believed that it was Joe MacPherson who couldn’t remember his name, so he dubbed him “Weatherman” on the radio. The rest is history and Bob’s iconic status has been reached through nearly half a century of work with the communications company he founded, PCI Race Radios.

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Rhiannon Freiley

His Son, Scott Steinberger has been racing since 1983 and continues to run the family business. Scott’s racing experience combined with decades of engineering the products we sell, allows us to develop and support products the competition only dreams about. Ask anyone about their PCI system in their race car, boat or XP1K, they will all tell you it’s light years ahead of the competition.

Rhiannon Freiley is the Controller at PCI. She started back in 2003 and moved up to opporations manager in 2006 from an accountant.

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Bluetooth Wireless, Go PRO Cameras, GPS, Head & Neck Restraints, Headsets, Helmet Wiring Kits, Intercoms, Radios, SatComm

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