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WFO LogoName: Pat Sims

Team Name: WFO Racing

Wide Freaking Open Racing

Type of Vehicle:

Class 7 Ranger
Spec Trophy Truck

E45 Pat WFO Racing Headshot
Pat Sims


Pat Sims has been a part of the offroad racing world for many years. A fan of desert racing, Pat and two other racers from Las Vegas formed W.F.O Racing that competes in both SCORE racing and local racing groups.

The group recently broke into the world of Spec Trophy Trucks. Though Pat typically drives his Class 7 Ranger, the group as a whole invested in the Spec Trophy Truck for Baja races.

The dimensions of a Spec Trophy Truck are close to those of the typical Trophy Truck, however it is a little bit smaller and lighter. The idea behind a spec trophy truck is that it is supposed to be less expensive to operate, there by opening up the Trophy Truck class to more competitors.

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