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Rachle Engle

Project Name: Rachle’s Easter Jeep Adventure

Guest: Rachle Engle


Unlike most of our Offroaders Rock segments where we hear about the good that they do in the community, and how they give back; Rachle’s story is different. She was on the receiving end of an awesome opportunity at the Easter Jeep Safari thanks to WARN Industries, and thanks to the off-road community that kept proving how much offroaders rock, it lasted all week.

Rachle’s love for the off-road began at a young age, starting with her Barbie Jeep. Her parents fostered her love of Jeeps and off-roading, which eventually led to her co-founding a local Jeep club.

Her story starts on the Thursday before Easter Jeep Safari when she received a message that she had won on of WARN Industries’ social media contests, and had been invited to participate in the WARN Run on Monday. With little time to get ready, Rachle prepped and drove from Ohio to Moab to make it there for the 8AM event on Monday morning.

Rachle’s adventures didn’t stop there though, although Tuesday she was forced to do some Jeep repair…luckily she was able to buy a track-bar from Currie who was there. Thanks to the guys at Moab 4×4 Outpost she was able to get her Jeep repaired and frame fixed for another day of wheeling. Fortunately Rachle was still able to take part in the Girls Night and take pictures with her idol Jesse Combs.

Wednesday she got to be apart of the Poison Spyder and BFG Run at Area BFE, even though it was very cold and snowing. Rachle also got to spend her trip picking up all sorts of tips and tricks on how to become a better off-road driver.

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