Offroaders Rock – Jacob Tranum

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E40 Jacob Tranum Offroaders Rock
Jacob Tranum

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Guest: Jacob Tranum


Jacob Tranum is truly and Offroader who rocks. In his spare time, he gives cars/trucks from those in need a unique ‘overhauling’ experience.

In the tradition of ‘overhauling’, Jacob even sometimes sneaks the vehicles away from their owners in order to rebuild them. The trick is to be real quick and sneaky, Jacob says, and to have a back-up plan incase the owner thinks their vehicle has been stolen!

So far Jacob Tranum has done three major upgrades for local community members in need. When he isn’t busy creating custom car upgrades for the deserving , Jacob works at his local 4 Wheel Parts store. He, and everyone who helps with the projects, volunteer their free-time, weekends, and late nights to helping produce these custom vehicles. Since they do take the cars from the owners, there has to be a quick turn around in order to get the vehicles back to their owners! Pooling together time and resources, most of the builds are done in about a week, to no longer than a month.

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