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Off-Road Expo Logo BPH Ep12Event Name: Off-Road Expo

Date: October 3rd and 4th

Location: Pomona, CA

Guest: Doc Riley

Event Description:

The Off-Road Expo packs in all the latest and greatest from every aspect of the off-road world. This Saturday and Sunday only event is sure to entertain enthusiasts of all ages.

Doc Riley ORE Head Shot with Background Ep 12 BPH
Doc Riley

The Off-Road Expo features; Mad TV Proving grounds, where pro drivers can show off and prove the power of their vehicles, ride alongs with special courses and demos, vendors with all the newest products, a show and shine, beauty pageant, exhibits and displays, and so much more.

Saturday’s big event is the Baja 1000 display where they reveal the next course map alongside the history of the event, older model competition cars on display, and the new technologies to be used in the upcoming Baja 100.

The Off-Road Expo is truly and industry show open to the public that anyone and everyone can enjoy.


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