Mike McCommons

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Durhamtown Tellico LogoOrganization Name: Durhamtown Tellico


An off-road family wilderness experience nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

Guest: Mike McCommons


Durhamtown Tellico is an off-road family wilderness experience nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina surrounded by the Nantahala National Forest for jeeps, buggies, rock crawlers, side by sides, ATVs and dirt bikes.

In addition to riding, other activities include camping, fishing and even black bear hunting. Features of the 3000 acre property include miles of trails, rock crawling areas, panoramic views, waterfalls, stocked trout streams and ponds, campsites and primitive cabins.

Mike Featured Head Shot with Background BPH E21
Mike McCommons

Durhamtown Tellico’s property adjoins the original Tellico ORV facility and shares much of the same type of terrain, scenery and rock-crawling challenges. Durhamtown Tellico is a well-managed facility with a focus on sustainability and protecting our trout streams.

Mike McCommons is the mind behind this project. With support from fellow offroaders and his experience in Durhamtown in Georgia, Mike began to build the beautiful area into a recreational zone for all families and fans of off-roading. However over the past 2 years the Durhamtown Tellico area has come into difficulties thanks to logging and surrounding land owners. Mike and the Durhamtown Tellico dream are now faced with huge government fines and barriers that are preventing anyone from enjoying the scenic area.

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