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MTS Logo BPH E19Event Name: Mega Truck Series

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The Mega Truck Series are the newest form of extreme motorsports. What started as highly modified pick-up trucks with big axles and tractor tires has quickly grown into an extreme form of mud racing. These trucks are built and designed to take on the nastiest terrain, from deep mud pits, to big jumps and twisted obstacle courses. Simply put, it’s a Monster Trucks with skinny tires that play in the mud!  Competitors are required to have a tire minimum of 45″. Most of these trucks are pushing upwards of 2,000 horsepower, and driven by fearless competitors. Entertaining families with young children to teens, the one-of-a-kind custom built trucks with names like Monster Masher, Mud Stick, Air Mundy Ram and Scram and Mudweiser, Mega Trucks’ electrifying challenges include “Hill ‘N’ Hole,” deep pit challenges, and obstacle courses with insane jumps.

Jeremy Featured Head Shot with Background BPH E19
Jeremy Forsyth

The tracks for the Mega Truck Series are full of all sorts of adventures and terrain. Competitors put their rigs to the test through mud pits and holes, huge jumps, and lots of obstacles. Mud is the main course at the events, not one rig leaves clean.

Jeremy Forsyth is one of the masterminds behind the Mega Truck Series. He and a friend created the event from the ideas behind mud bogging and the Monster Jam. Though the whole series is barley over 2 years old, it is thriving and has a huge fan following. Some events even include the always popular, rock bouncing.

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