Matt Westrich from U4WDA

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U4WDA Logo BPHOrganization Name: Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association


Matt Westrich is the President of the Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association and a Board Member for the Blue Ribbon Coalition


E3 Matt Westrich U4WDA Head Shot with Background
Matt Westrich

The Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting access to public lands through education and stewardship. The encourage all land users to become educated and involved in land use, conservation, education, and maintenance.

Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association was created in 1978 after local groups of activists noticed a trend in restriction of access to public lands across the country. Their goal was to organize and untie the 4×4 community in Utah and help keep public trails open for off-road vehicles. Over the years Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association has been instrumental in the activist community. The Association has organized and performed numerous volunteer clean ups and service project in nearly every district. Then, in 2001 Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association was instrumental in passing the new vehicle lift law that simplified the rules for lifted vehicles, and increased the legal lift height for street vehicles in Utah. The Association works hard keeping the off-road community informed upcoming legislation, Resource Management Plan comment periods, and other issues that affect the 4×4 community. Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association also works hand in hand with other like the Blue Ribbon Coalition, United 4-Wheel Drive Associations, and Utah Shared Access Alliance in their efforts to protect public access lands across the nation.


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