Loren Healy

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Healy LogoName: Loren Healy

Team Name: Healy 67 Motorsports

Co-driver and Important Crew:

Co Driver: Casey Trujill
Crew Chief: Clint Ritter

Type of Vehicle:

Jimmy 4×4 Single Seat Ultra4

Career Higlights:

2 Time KOH
4 Time Ultra4 Champion
Winningest Driver in Ultra4

E10 Loren Head Shot with Background
Loren Healy


Loren Healy started competing in Off Road Racing at the 2009 King of the Hammers event and has been hooked ever since. In 2010 Loren decided to start racing professionally to combine his new found love for competitions with his love for building and designing cars. Declared the “Winningest Driver in Ultra4”, Loren Healy has won King of the Hammers twice and been Ultra4 Champion four times in his short racing history. He has a passion for design and fabrication and continues to build and improve his rigs constantly.

Q & A with Loren Healy:

Q: What was your worst wreck?
A: I’ve had a few. The worst were probably King of the Hammers in 2015 and Salt Lake 2013.

Q: What have you noticed has changed in the off-road industry since you started racing?
A: I think money has changed the most. When I started racing professionally in 2010 you could win with a $50,000 car. Now a days it takes a $300,000 car to win.

Q: Do you drive fast everyday or just when you race?


Contact Info:

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