Offroaders Rock – Laughlin Metro Shop with a Cop

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E36 Shop with a Cop Danny with Background
Danny Fraire

Project Name: Laughlin Metro Shop with a Cop Program

Project For:

Bringing Christmas to the underprivileged youth in the Laughlin Metro area.

Guest: Danny Fraire


Around 5 years ago, Danny and the group at Locations Racing, decided to start giving back to their local community. The group put on a race car display to help raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club. The first fundraiser was thrown together in 5 short weeks, and the group successfully raised around $620 for the local clubs. (Each club received $620).

The next year, the club searched for a more specific cause, and stumbled upon the Laughlin Metro Shop with a Cop Program. The program is dedicated to providing around 60 underprivileged children from the Laughlin Metro area with a Christmas. These children are selected to participate based on need.

The Locations Racing Group, headed by Danny Fraire, has become the largest singular financial contributor to the Laughlin Metro Shop with a Cop Program. This past year the group successfully raised over $6,200 for the program.

Danny’s hope is that one day the Laughlin Metro Shop with a Cop Program will be able to be completely funded by the donations and money raised by the off-road community.

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