Ladies Co-Driver Challenge

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For this special episode of Bower Power Hour, we are featuring the 30 girls that had the highest votes of confidence from the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge social media contest, plus 2 of the girls who won the wild card draw. This was the second stage of the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge, all 32 ladies were interviewed for this special episode before the final 10 were selected for the training weekend in Arizona.

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Alice Gerst Head ShotAlice Gerst:

Big Rapids, MI – Her hobbies include gardening, canning, sewing, baking, cooking, horse back riding, wine making, 4×4 wheeling and most recently she took a welding class so she could be more a part of garage work. As a farm raised woman from northern Michigan, she shoots skeet and has always been around water, canoeing and crossing it. She has competed in Tough Truck challenges in Michigan, Southern Rock Racing races and American Rock Crawl events.

Amber Turner Head ShotAmber Turner:

San Ramon, CA – Amber works full-time as shop help at a metal fabrication shop and attends night welding classes in hopes of one day becoming a welder. She owns two 1988 Suzuki Samurais, one that she is building to be a daily driver and the other is currently built as her rock crawler and daily driver. She has done all the metal fabrication work as well as most of the modifications and up keep. She has taken her Samurai on Steel Bender in Moab on nothing but a lift, rear locker, 31″ Baja Claws and rock sliders for modifications.

Angie Dow Head ShotAngie Dow:

Springfield, OR – Angie has been married to her high school sweetheart for 11.5 years with two kids Katelyn (10) and Kody (6). When the weekend comes they are always doing some outdoor acivity including camping, fishing, shooting, and their favorite is hitting a trail with the buggy. She loves riding her 4-wheeler and spending time with friends and family. She is a naturally competitive person so these events seem to have it all.

Angie Mitchell Head ShotAngie Mitchell:

Henderson, NV – Angie has been a at home mom and married for 20 years to hubby KC – with 2 girls, 29 and 17, and a grandson 2, who all share her passion for racing and 4x4ing. She loves to camp, ride quads and go jeeping. She has been racing since she was 14 years old. To date she has participated in 27 races on a XR250 and finished all of them in the top 3. She held the #1 plate for 2 years in AZ when she was 15-16!

Ashlie Cardillo Head ShotAshlie Cardillo:

Las Vegas, NV – If it involves being outdoors, in any way, Ashlie is down! She enjoys camping and hiking, and of course geo caching along the way. She is a proud Jeep owner and spends a lot of days and nights on the trails with her dogs and Jeep Family. She volunteers with dog and cat rescues and has 4 pets of her own. It comes down to these things for her: Jeep, Animals, Nature, Food, Laughter and Guns!

Audrey Byrd Head ShotAudrey Byrd:

Henderson, NV – Audrey grew up with horses and riding dirt bikes. While raising two boys, she got them into dirt bikes and ATV’s so as a family they could go camping. She bought her first Jeep in 2010 after a divorce and her mother was diagnosed with Dementia, who she took care of full time. Her Jeep was her escape from her illness and offered solitude. Since her Mom passed in 2015 she yearns to learn more, travel more and go wheeling more. Her life hobbies are camping, off-road racing, 4×4’s, Jeeps – anything offroad!

Sarah Luker Head ShotSarah Luker:

Sicklerville, NJ – Sarah is mom to 2 kids, with the youngest being only 4 momths old. Sarah is the founder of a local jeep club and has organized many trips and events. Her other hobbies include working on the Jeep along side her husband.

Denise Nelson Head ShotDenise Nelson:

Blodgett, OR – Denise was raised in a very small town where she grew up riding horses, hunting, fishing, shooting, and doing anything outdoors with her brothers. She is a total adrenaline junky and exceeds when put under high pressure. Her family owns a CNC Machine Shop and has worked there for almost 12 years. She co-drove for Cory Sappington at the UTV World Championships, San Felipe 250 and the Mint 400 where she learned a lot about the GPS, calls and terminology.

Heather Swigart Head ShotHeather Swigart:

Camp Verde, AZ – Heather is a single mom of two young girls. Her late husband got them into the offroad racing after their oldest was born, now both her girls are addicted. She grew up with her Dad doing off-road racing and going to the dunes in Southern California. Since her husband passed in Sept 2014, she has done everything possible to keep her girls involved in this industry.

Journee Richardson Head ShotJournee Richardson:

Ramona, CA – She sings, dances, rides horses, motorcycles, quads, hikes, reads books, races her car in the desert, wrenchs on her 1/2 1600 & 1450 race vehicles, rock crawls, wakeboards, snowboards, camps, hula hoops and so much more. She is always willing and excited to challenge herself by trying something new!

Kalee Hunter Head ShotKalee Hunter:

Tucson, AZ – Kalee and her Jeep Frankie love to wheel in Moab and all over Arizona. She has taught canoeing for 3 years and of love shooting and wheeling competitions. She is the President of the off-road club at the University of Arizona and have had awesome experience with them. The Rubicon is on her agenda for her graduation trip.

Kaleigh Hotchkiss Head ShotKaleigh Hotchkiss:

Tucson, AZ – In her professional life, Kaleigh is a CPA and works as the CFO for a hospital in Tucson. In her free time, she likes to go wheeling in her ’99 TJ with the Wildcat Off-road Club which she has been part of since her freshman year in college. She co-drives for her boyfriend in the Super Modified Trail Class of the W.E. Rock Dirt Riot series. She also enjoys hiking and camping with friends and her dog Tucker. One of her goals is to try and visit new places every year.

Kimrah Turner Head ShotKimrah Turner:

Elizabeth City, NC – Her father was a single parent for her two older brothers and her. Needless to say, they were always going camping, playing in the mud, going on whatever kind of adventure they could think up. She met her fiance at a mud bog where he was competing – next thing she knew he was taking her on their first date rock crawling and rolled them within the first ten minutes. This year she got her own extensively built rockcrawler, a 1983 Toyota Trekker. Due to the recent loss of her mother and father, she has learned more than ever before that life is short. “We only have this one time to adventure, experience and learn everything we can!” She is currently a registered nurse with cardiac and emergency background.

Kristen Endres Head ShotKristen Endres:

Lawrenceburg, IN – Kristen is an avid Jeeper – she loves wheeling and wrenching. She likes challenging herself and accomplishing even the most simple tasks. She is an athlete by nature, so is competitive. She likes shooting, sports, and music. She also trys to make things a little brighter for those in her life in anyway that she can. She is a wife and mom to the most amazing 5 year old boy – “I am who I am for him.”

Kristie Moore Head ShotKristie Moore:

Clay, NY – She loves people and adventure. She races 4-wheelers competitively with women more than 1/2 her age (started racing at 44). She belongs to several off-road groups, rod and gun clubs, supports not for profit causes and makes the most out of life. She loves to be outdoors, hiking, camping and exploring. She works full time and enjoys spending time with here 101 year old Nana who still lives at home.

Lauren Martin Head ShotLauren Martin:

Colorado Springs, CO – Her passion began to grow when her father got stationed in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, CO. They purchased their first 4WD and started exploring the trails around Colorado. Once they made the trek to Moab, UT for the first time, she was forever hooked – now one of her favorite places on Earth. She recently earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Equine Science with a Minor in Business Administration, which was fueled by her love of horses. Her main hobby is off-roading in a Toyota Tacoma but she also enjoy shooting! She earned second place in the Colorado State Games shooting competition and is currently a NRA Instructor and teach the basics of shooting to a variety of people, most of which are women!

Leigh Singleton Head ShotLeigh Singleton:

Edmond, OK – Two years ago, Leigh entered her second childhood and bought a JKU. This Jeep changed her life. She felt empowered! She felt alive! She felt YOUNG! She actually just finished writing a novel about a girl who used her Jeep as a catalyst for overcoming shyness. (The novel has 5-star reviews on Amazon, btw.) Her career is in public speaking and she plays a pretty decent game of golf. She is physically fit and has a knack for doing things well, even if she doesn’t know what she is doing.

Lisa Carter Head ShotLisa Carter:

Ojai, CA – Jake, her 2015 JKU Rubicon, was her 40th birthday present and has been hitting the trails every since. A few years ago she was in a car accident so scary, she didn’t want to get back into a car. Eventually, with a lot of xanax, she did. She purchased a new truck and a friend told her about a 4wheel training class that she should try and it was then that she was hooked! Always being an adventure junkie she began reseaching and budgeting to buy a Jeep. She works in the high pressure Hospitalty industry. One of her life goals is to 4wheel/overland in the ALL the lower 48 states and Alaska in her own Jeep.

Makayla Holstein Head ShotMakayla Holstein:

Kennewick, WA – Her hobbies include anything outdoors. She loves camping, hunting, trap shooting, off-roading, hiking, geo-caching, basically anything that has to do with outdoors. I also enjoying working on her jeep and helping her friends with their off-road rigs. Any wheeling/camping trip they go on it usually falls on her to either find a map and plan a route, or have a good enough memory to get around an area just by a general idea of land marks. She loves being able to find fun and new routes just from looking at an outdated trail map and being able to piece it together.

Marcie Hricziscse Head ShotMarcie Hricziscse:

Goodyear, AZ – She was born and raised camping, fishing, hunting and four wheeling. As she got older, her love of motorsports grew and she began riding a dirtbike, quad, or wheeling her caged Toyota. Her Mom & Dad instilled in her at a young age to “never doubt or limit myself because I’m a girl, so I haven’t” That encouragement is something she hopes to pass on to her daughter and she believes teaching by example is the best way and is a stay at home mom.

Martha Tansy Head ShotMartha Tansy:

Wasilla, AK – Martha has many accomplishments under her belt including a Associates in Automotive Technology and an Associate in Diesel Technology and afterwards joined the Military as a mechanic and quickly became the Vehicle Recovery Team NCOIC (Non Commissioned Officer in Charge). She is the lead volunteer in charge of organizing the 14th annual Alaska 4×4 Meet and Greet, which is the biggest Offroad event in Alaska. Living in rural Alaska there is such an immense area to wheel it’s mind blowing, always finding new exciting places. To help offset her rig building costs she picked up hunting about 5 years ago, a way to bring back food for her family. This year she was brought on as staff for 4 weeks to help build and breakdown Hammer Town and operate the King of the Hammers races. Additional duties at KOH involved welding, fabrication, vehicle maintenance and repair to race and support vehicles in camp and out in the field.

Michelle Perez Head ShotMichelle Perez:

Half Moon Bay, CA – Michelle was raised around vehicles. She loves working on vehicles, but also enjoys driving and racing them. She currenty runs an auto shop but also writes for Girls N Garages magazine. She was on an all girls Mustang build for the 2015 SEMA sgow. She can usually be found in the garage with her dog Duke right by her side.

Rachle Engle Head ShotRachle Engle:

Lancaster, OH – Rachle has naviagated all 48 continuous states while navigating with a map. She has staffed the 2015 Ultimate Adventure. Rachle is not only an avid shooter and works on her own cars, but she is also a chef.

Rebeca Olavarrieta Head ShotRebeca Olavarrieta:

Miami, FL – Rebeca has been in the automotive industry since she was 16 yers old when she began racing her first car – 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra. She raced a 1/4 mile and autocross for a few years and now runs her own small business. She is a SEMA Member and active in the SBN and YEN Councils. Her hobbies are her job (a self-proclaimed workaholic) and spending time with her family including her 2 year old baby boy.

Rebecca Donaghe Head ShotRebecca Donaghe:

Marina Del Rey, CA – A 2015 Gazelle Rally racer, Rebecca is an MBA graduate of Yale University. Instead of pursuing the expected career in investment banking she pursued a career in film production. Rebecca spent the majority of her time working and pursuing her career until she decided to start conquering her fears through her hobbies and found her inner-adventurer with surfing,rock climbing, sailing and now off-roading.

Rileigh Augustine Head ShotRileigh Augustine:

Fort St John, British Columbia Canada – Rileigh graduated high school at the age of 16 and started her path as a mechanic. She can work on anything from a junker, drag car, Jeep, Big 4x4s, and the occasional western star. Her work and hobbies are one in the same.

Teralin Petereit Head ShotTeralin Petereit:

Mapleton, UT – Teralin spends a lot of time traveling for work and play. Her work takes her all over the US for tradeshows and long trips to LA for teamwork. She has a love for her dog, Mr. Blue and her hobbies include snowboarding, hiking, swimming, scubadiving and of course, offroading!

Tina Ray Head ShotTina Ray:

Honolulu, HI – Tina is a nurse and mother. In her spare time she loves the outdoors and loves building her own rig. She has put more personal effort into her own rig than most men on the island. She taught herself how to weld and fabricate so she could work on her own stuff. She loves the outdoors and her activities include, wrenching, hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, repelling, sky diving and zip lining. “It’s about experiences and the adrenaline.”

Trisha Glezen Head ShotTrisha Glezen:

Vestal, NY – Trisha currently works 2 jobs and has put herself through school, going full-time, with her graduation this May 2016. She considers herself a tomboy becuase she loves everything outdoors. Her hobbies include wheeling, working on her jeep, hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, guns four wheeling, her dogs and even cooking. Trisha’s motto “Work Hard, Play Harder!”

Jane Thurmond Head ShotJane Thurmond:

Simi Valley, CA – Wife for 31 years, mother of 3, (2 boys 27 & 17, 1 girl 19) she has been racing autocross and road course since 2012. She is a artist, graphic designer, volunteer for All It Takes Youth Empowerment Organization, advocate for personal growth and empowerment through racing. She has spent thirteen years as a personal trainer and currently works as a precision driver for television and film, and performance driving coach for women and teens, and anyone else who asks!

Jessica Chasse Head ShotJessica Chasse:

Maricopa, AZ – Jessica enjoys exploring Arizona in her jeep and hitting the trails throughout the Phoenix area and beyond. She enjoys hiking and backpacking, but since getting her Jeep, she has not done either unless it was related to a Jeep trip. Whenever she gets the opportunity, she likes to take off with her dogs and “escape” for a weekend camping trip.

Samantha Hopko Head ShotSamantha Hopko:

Emmaus, PA – Samantha was brought up in the offroad world with her brothers being involved in offroad racing. She loves to take her Jeep wheeling and has attended several Jeep Jamborees as a rep for Quadratec. Her other hobbies include, hiking, backpacking, traveling, camping and mountain biking which is her favorite fitness hobby. She has also recently taken up photography.

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