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DFR-BadgeLogo1Name: Lacrecia Beurrier

Team Name: Rockstar Racing

Co-driver : Brian Thomas (relief driver)

Type of Vehicle:

2015 Polaris RZR 1000

Career Highlights:

3 time Mint 400 Champion

E4 Lacrecia Head Shot with BackgroundAbout:

My race career started in 2008 when I decided to race the MORE Powder Puff, Race for a Cure. I had never raced anything before, barely had driven the Rhino at all. I crashed, got a flat, rolled over and still took a 4th place out 10 amazing ladies. I was instantly hooked. We began racing with the boys that next season and began to collect sponsors. My husband Eric, is an amazing fabricator and our race car got better and better. We won the Mint 400 2 years in row in the UTV Sportsman class. In 2013, DragonFire Racing asked us to step up a notch and race the entire BITD season. With their help we did and had a less than stellar season, but it was good enough to be picked by Polaris for the 2015 season. This year has been awesome. We are currently leading the points in the UTV Unlimited Pro class.

Lacrecia Q and A:

Q: What was your first off-road vehicle? How old were you?
A: 2006 Yamah Rhino, I was 39

Q: What/Who got you into the offroad world and behind the steering wheel?
A: My dad has us all riding dirt bikes by age 5, my husband introduced me to a cage and wheel with the Rhino

Q: What is your proudest racing moment?
A: Winning the 2009 MORE Powder Puff

Q: What are your three most memorable racing moments?
A: Winning the 2009 Powder Puff, being a 3x Mint champion, and becoming a factory sponsored Polaris Driver

Q: Who has inspired you to your successes? Why?
A: My husband and son inspire me to be the best I can be. Making them proud is what makes me faster! I am also inspired by other great female drivers like Corry Weller. When I won that Powder Puff race, I was chasing her down. She is a bad a**

Q: Who do you look upto as a hero in the industry? Why?
A: Probably Corry. She started out in UTVs like me and has had a great career showing the boys what’s up

Q: What is that one moment that you keep replaying in your head? (I should have done this, or turned like that, or last minute race strategy that didn’t work out. Huge challenge or failure.)
A: The 2013 BITD SS300. I rolled the car twice. I thought I was driving like I always do, but couldn’t keep the shiny side up. Really felt as though I let the team down that day as we ended up timing out stuck in the silt bed

Q: Worst wreck? Afterwards, what did it take for you to get back into the car?
A: I rolled over twice at the SS300 last year, 2nd time was a little rough and I had a hard time getting out of the car. Back in the pits I was ready to hand over the wheel to Eric, but Chris, my co-driver, finally told me to get my a** in the car. So we did.

Q: Training regiment? What does your ‘daily grind’ look like?
A: Nothing really. I need to get back into running and we go for rides in our desert every chance we get. I learn best by following Eric. I have to keep up, he doesn’t wait.

Q: Walk us through getting ready for a typical race? Planning starts how far in advance? Time invested? Projects, etc?
A: We start thinking a prepping for the next race about a week after the last race. We bring the car home. Give everyone a week off, and then the car gets torn down to the frame for prep. We have several meeting with our team to discuss the best pitting strategy fuel stops, driver changes and such. I like to take the car apart and put it back together so I know how it all works if we break in the field

Q: How much technology and innovation do you bring into your race team? Do you feel like you are at the front line? Why? Where and how are you developing these ideas?
A: We are probably close but not quite at the front line. Eric’s design of the care is amazing and I feel we have the components sponsored to us but we don’t the money to be at the front line. We try though.

Q: What have you noticed has changed in the offroad industry since you started racing?
A: In the UTV things have changed greatly since 2008. The cars we have now are crazy fast and we
now have so much competition. We used have maybe 15-20 cars we now have over 50.

Q: What is a piece of advice that you want to give to the next generation of racers? Pitcrews? Spectator?
A: My advice is slower is faster. You can’t come out with guns blazing and expect to win the race. You might win one, but perseverance is key to championships

Q: Duct Tape or Zip Ties? What is the most important thing you’ve reattached with one of the options?
A: We have zip tied suspension components back together and used a rock for a hammer

Q: Do you drive fast everyday, or just at the races?
A: Just at the races, In fact Eric and Trevor are always complaining about how slow I drive!

Q: Biggest Pet Peeve while driving on the street everyday?
A: In Havasu, it’s an epidemic to drive slower than the posted limit!

Q: Do you see yourself getting into any other type of racing?
A: I would love to try other classes of offroad, like a truck or a class 10 buggy

Q: What is your craziest Fan Interaction?
A: I met a little girl probably about 7 years old, at the Off road Expo. She was just so excited to take a picture with me and get my autograph. At the Powder Puff race last year, I had a radius rod bolt fall out. As I am out assessing my problem, this little girl runs up and says “It’s her daddy! It’s Lacreca!” It was that little girl! I was in tears. She is awesome!

Q: Pre-Race ritual? Music? Superstition? Warmups?
A: I get seriously anxious before the race. The boys try to find stuff for me to do to keep me busy so I don’t come out of my skin. I keep a couple of things in my door bag next to me to ward off evil spirits. IE: hose clamp, Dzus button, and a Ziptie. Nothing important but it has to be in there.


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Polaris RZR, DragonFire Racing, AZ West, ITP Tire and Wheel, Radflo Suspension, Raceline Wheels, Rugged Radio, Bulldog Lighting, Muzzy’s Performance, Factory UTV, CP Carrillo Pistons, Mother’s Polish, Royal Purple, Dalton Clutch, Queen Racing, 3P Offroad, AO Coolers, Tred 4×4, BS Sand Seats, G-Force Belts, Monster Seal, Axis Rod Ends, WebCam Racing Cams, Speedy Strap, Allcoat Powder Coat


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