Kurt Schneider Land Use

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Kurt Featured Head Shot with Background BPH E19Guest: Kurt Schneider


Kurt Schneider is an off-road and 4×4 enthusiast. Land use is an issue near and dear to his heart, particularly the issue of wheeling responsibly. The most important part of responsible wheeling is to be aware of the different rules in each area where you rule; that means doing a little bit of research before planning your next wheeling adventure. Each recreational area has different rules, the best way to find out the rules of the area where you plan on wheeling is to talk to local wheeling groups who have experience with the area.

That means, as a club or group member, you should actively do your part to learn and communicate the rules of the trails. Being good stewards of the trails and making sure to follow the rules shows the responsibility of the off-road community, and important factor in the land use fight.

Another factor of wheeling responsibly, as illustrated by Kurt Schneider, is being aware of what you post on social media. As in life, all photos you post to social media, wether it is the club page or a personal page, can be used.

When not wheeling and spreading civil awareness, Kurt Schneider is a High School teacher.

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