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KC LogoCompany Name: KC HiLiTES

Company Name: Five2 Productions

Guest: Jason Cobb


KC HiLiTES was started by American entrepreneur Peter Kim Brown and his wife Carol Brown (using their initials KC) in his garage in Saugus, California.  As a pickup truck owner and avid off road enthusiast he was looking for some improved lighting for his vehicle.  In the late 1960’s Pete was camping in Parker, Arizona and nearly missed a necessary turn at night.  Without any good auxiliary lighting products available on the market at the time he set off to create the first off road lighting system known as KC’s Daylighter® which has changed the off road lighting industry forever.  Pete found some aircraft landing bulbs and retrofitted them to steel housings which would serve as the initial concept for KC’s Daylighter®.

When friends and truck enthusiasts saw the performance and quality of the Daylighters®, they too wanted the lights; he kept pace with demand.  Pete was a computer operator at night so during the day he would build KC lights in his garage.  He started advertising in camping magazines and promoting his products at local races.  As the demand for KC’s grew he employed neighbors to help him with assembly so he could scale the business.  Pete and his small team would also package and ship them to consumers all around Southern California.  The company grew rapidly and by 1974 it was time to make this a full time job.  Pete relocated KC HiLiTES to Williams, Arizona where the main factory remains today.  Little did he know the lights he engineered for his personal truck would become a global icon in the lighting industry now with global distribution in 35 countries around the world.

E38 Jason KCHiLiTES with BackgroundSince 1970, KC HiLiTES has been designing and manufacturing auxiliary performance lighting for off road vehicles.  As the original manufacturer of off road lighting, beginning with the Daylighter®, KC HiLiTES have a rock solid reputation for quality and performance.  Specializing in Jeep, Truck, SUV and Off Road lighting, their products are always designed with innovation, performance, quality and customer service in mind; backed by a 23 year warranty.

In addition to KC HiLiTES, Jason Cobb also runs his own off-road company that hosts the Desert Bloom UTV Rally for enthusiasts out in Arizona. 5Two Productions is Jason’s full time pet project that he uses to help support the off-road community and his son’s desert racing aspirations.

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LED, HID, Halogens

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Carbon POD LEDsGravity® LEDsFLEX LEDsPro-Sport LEDsDaylighter LEDsLZR LEDsC-Series LEDsCyclone LEDsLED HeadlightsLED Fog LightsLED FlashlightsLED Tail-Signal LightsCarbon PODRally 800Pro-SportDaylighter69 Series, Rally 800Pro-SportDaylighterSlimliteRally 400Apollo ProHeadlightsFog Lights69 Series35 Series26 SeriesFactory Seconds


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