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RPM Offroad LogoName: Justin Matney

Team Name: RPM Offroad

Type of Vehicle:

4WD Trophy Truck


Justin Matney does it all. As both a racer, a business owner, and a team owner, he is thoroughly immersed in the offroad industry. Both the RPM Offroad Team and the RPM Offroad shop have been up and running for 10 years.

Justin and business partner Clyde Stacey started out with just the two of them deciding to do a few races just for fun, and as a way of promoting their business. Then they “got bit by the Baja bug,” according to Justin, and were hooked on the desert racing scene. Since then, the two have expanded to include racers as well as a prep-team that travels to all the events. It takes anywhere from 90-100 people to get the 3-4 cars ready and prepped at the races, and to keep up the logistics of the team during the race.

E41 Justin Head Shot with Background
Justin Matney

The RPM Offroad team has over 70 wins and 24 championships over the past 10 years.

On the business side of things, Justin Matney tries to never tell a customer no at the brick and mortar RPM Offroad shop where they specialize in just about everything.

RPM Offroad is a performance warehouse. From fuel performance to offroad performance, RPM provides customers with the parts and services needed to get their vehicle running at desired performance.

Not only does RPM have its own line of parts, but the shop also includes an entire fabrication area for customer builds (though they are currently booked out 4 weeks in advanced), as well as their online parts sales. Customers come from all over the US to have the RPM Offroad team work on their vehicle or install custom parts.

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RPM OFFROAD, BFG Tires, Rigid Industries, BDS Suspension, King Shocks, KMC Wheels, Mastercraft Safety, Impact Safety, XD Replay, Geiser Bros, Dougans Engines and Rancho Drivetrain

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(423) 573-3300


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