June 22 2015 Bower Power Hour Show

62215 Bower Power Hour Charlene Bower

June 22, 2015  Bower Power Hour is presented by Bower Motorsports Media

Episode Zero was our test run to make sure that all the production elements were in line, while diving into Charlene Bower’s background and companies.

The short story is, one of the production companies we hired failed the test drive.  We had a short window to get everything rearranged and now Bower Media is in full control of all production elements of Bower Power Hour.  With over 4 months to prepare for the test, Episode 1 on June 29th is a production with less than 36 hours to pull all the necessary hardware together, and finding a new production person to run it all while Charlene was behind the mic.  It wasn’t easy.  But anything easy isn’t worth having.  It isn’t perfect.  But, it will be!

The unfortunate part is Charlene recorded 2 hours of great content diving into her background that none of us will ever hear.  We already have a plan to reproduce some of it, especially your PowerBall Questions, so please stay tuned.

Information on Charlene Bower and her answers to your PowerBall Questions  CLICK HERE

PowerBall Winners  CLICK HERE


Next Weeks Show:  Episode 1 Guests will be Jason Scherer of Rage 4th Racing, Greg Mulkey from Raceline Wheels, Del Albright from Blue Ribbon Coalition, Matt Hinitt our Tech & Tool Guy, Corry Weller of Weller Racing, Jeff Knoll from Rally Venture, and Charlene Bower will add in with Breaking News, Calendar and Industry Happenings among other surprises.




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