July 28 2015 Bower Power Hour Show


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Learn More About Our Guests:

Featured Racer: Brad Lovell, Lovell Racing

Featured Event: Southern Rock Racing Series, Clyde Bynum

Featured Land Use: Todd Ockert, BlueRibbon Coalition

Featured Tech or Tool: Roll Cages, Seats and Seat Belt Safety

Hosted by: Charlene Bower


Breaking News Featured on This Episode:

“The Fab School is having their Open House”

“Transamerican Auto Parts introduces the “Life is Better Off-Road” SEMA builder award”

“Voting has started for the Silver State Rock Crawling Championship ‘Crawl Star’ “

“Eddie Peterson King of the Hammers Racer Passes”

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Bower Power Hour Welcomes Brad Lovell, Southern Rock Racing, BlueRibbon Coalition and Roll Cage-Seat-Seatbelt Safety Tech

Bower Power Hour continues to refine the show, but what hasn’t changed is the lineup of quality guests. Episode 5 hosts Lovell Racing Brad Lovell, Southern Rock Racing Clyde Bynum, BlueRibbon Coalition Bower Power Hour E8President Todd Ockert and Matt Hinitt will talk about roll cages, seats and seatbelt safety, hosted by Charlene Bower. Brad Lovell from Lovell Racing talks racing, rock crawling, the difference behind his TORC Racing Pro-Light and Pro -2, and gives advice for the next generation. Clyde from the Southern Rock Racing Series discusses the difference between rock crawling and rock bouncing as well as the efforts behind SRRS hosting a Northern and Southern Series this year. Todd, President of the BlueRibbon Coalition, joins us to discuss the constant battle for Land Use and thoughts about photos on the trails. ’30Pack’ Matt is back with another segment of Tech and Tools. This time he discusses roll cages, seats, and seatbelt safety.

“You know one of my favorite sayings: “Nothing worth having comes easy” and this show has certainly brought the challenges to our team. We have, and will continue, to overcome! I am so proud of the group that is helping me with this show. We have all found a groove and understand what needs to happen. Thanks to
072815 Bower Power Hour Headerall for withstanding the first few episodes of quality,” said Charlene Bower, Host and Executive Producer. “What I am excited about is the continued growth of our guest list. It started strong and will continue to be strong! We already have the next few weeks of guests lined up and look forward to booking more!”

There are multiple ways to watch and listen to the show including YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spreaker, Stitcher and more. Please feel free to share or embed the show as you would like. Dive in and learn more about each guest, and see all the watch and listen links at www.bowerpowerhour.com/july-28-2015-bower-power-hour-show

Enthusiasts and fans are encouraged to interact with the guest by submitting questions. Submitted questions will be entered into a Powerball Game. Selected questions will be answered on air and the lucky fan who asked it will be sent a BPH gift pack in the mail. Be sure to fill in all the mailing information and tshirt sizes correctly. Check the website regularly to see who we are currently taking questions for. http://www.bowerpowerhour.com/powerball

BowerPowerHour_StackedHorizontal 500pxwBower Power Hour gives you an in depth look at racers, events, businesses, land issues, tech and other aspects to bring you the nitty-gritty news of the off-road lifestyle that we all love. Hosted by Charlene Bower, owner of Bower Motorsports Media, the guest lists is extensive and energetic from all aspect of the off-road industry.  The stories will be fun and filled, with in-depth conversations about technology and innovation. Our national partners including BFGoodrich Tires, Discount Tire and Kicker have made the initial opportunity possible. Please utilize the Let’s Chat page to reach out to us. http://www.bowerpowerhour.com/lets-chat

A new episode will be launched every Tuesday and Thursday. Please join our conversations on www.BowerPowerHour.com, www.facebook.com/BowerPowerHourShow, www.instagram.com/BowerPowerHourShow, or www.twitter.com/BPHShow

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