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“No Trails, No Sales”

Guest: Fred Wiley


Fred Wiley joins Bower Power Hour again, this time to talk specifically about the land use struggles specific to the Johnson Valley area where the King of the Hammers is held each year as part of the Bower Power Hour King of the Hammers special.

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Fred Wiley

The land use fight for recreational use of Johnson Valley has been taking place over the course of 8 years. Though it was used as an off-road playground for years, the OHV community found themselves faced with an interesting dilemma when another group was interested in the area, the Marines. Initially, the 29Palms Marine Base wished to expand into the area, requesting around 200 thousand acres to use as training grounds, which meant permanent closure of the area.

The OHV community took the fight to the local legislature and eventually the senate in order to keep at least part of the Johnson Valley area open for recreational purposes. Thanks to the work of Representative Paul Cook, Fred Wiley, and many others, a compromise was reached. 99,870 acres will remain part of the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area and be overseen by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. In the compromise both groups also agreed on a shared use area that both the OHV community and the Marines can use following certain guidelines.

ORBA is a nonprofit association of off-road related business owners who have united to preserve the sport of off-road recreation in an environmentally responsible manner.

ORBA proactively protects recreation access and opportunities by ensuring that America’s families are not arbitrarily denied the right to responsibly recreate. ORBA provides leadership in addressing land use issues by advancing policies that conserve the environment while at the same time providing off-road recreation opportunities. Many industries have trade associations that protect their interests. The off-road business industry has ORBA!

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