Jeff Mello from Contra Costa Jeepers

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CCJ LOGO Ep 13 BPH Organization Name: Contra Costa Jeepers

Guest: Jeff Mello


The Contra Costa Jeepers are a Jeep Club located in Northern California. The family-oriented club caters to Jeep lovers all over the Northern California area. Their ‘base camp’ is situated on private land along the Stanislaus River. The Contra Costa Jeepers have a unique agreement with the private land owners in which they are allowed to camp and drive along the trails in the area in exchange for service and upkeep.

Jeff Mello and the rest of the Contra Costa Jeepers have a very dirty job. The group tends to the outhouses along the trail. They re-locate, refurbish, and build new outhouses as needed. They are good stewards of the land they are allowed to use, and respect it.

Jeff Mello Head Shot with background Ep 13 BPH
Jeff Mello

Established in 1966, the Contra Costa Jeepers is a family oriented club, with members throughout Contra Costa County and associate members in Truckee, California; Placerville, California; and Denver. The club runs trails year-round throughout the Sierras, as well as in Johnson Valley, California; Coos Bay, Oregon; Colorado; and Canada. Many club members also compete in rockcrawling competitions. The Contra Costa Jeepers are members of the Blue Ribbon Coalition and California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs.

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