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Rage4th LogoRacer Name: Jason Scherer

Team Name: Rage 4th

Type of Vehicle:

IFS King of the Hammers 4×4 Race Car

Career Highlights:

2006 Pro-Rock Champion
2007 Pro-Rock Champion
2008 King of the Hammers
2009 King of the Hammers
2012 Ultra4 National Championship Winner
2013 Griffin King of the Hammers Fastest Qualifier
2013 Ultra4 NorCal Stampede Winner
2013 Ultra4 National Championship Winner
2015 Nitto King of the Hammers Fastest Qualifier

Scherer Head Shot with Background
Jason Scherer


Jason Scherer has been racing for over 15 years and has stood on the podium at many events winning one of the most prestigious events: The 2009 King of the Hammers.  He also has a top 25 finish in every King of the Hammers race since 2008 and won the 2012 and 2013 Ultra4 Nitto National Championship Race.  His consistency and race car set-up is proven winning the Pro-Rock Championship in 2006, repeating in 2007.  Jason’s growing list of high profile finishes have earned him the honor of being nominated for Dirt Sports “Driver of the Year” award two years in a row.  Scherer embraces his racing career with a very supportive wife and children who join him on the trails of Northern California in their 1972 Jeep CJ-6.

Jason Q and A:

Q: What was your first off-road vehicle? How old were you?
A: 1972 CJ-5, 16 years old…still have it and converted to a CJ-6 for the family to go out on the trails.

Q: What/Who got you into the offroad world and behind the steering wheel?
A: A friend of my family had a jeep and let us take dirt bikes through the Barrett Lake Jeep trail. We sat on the warm granite drinking hot Tang next to the campfire by the lake and I was hooked.

Q: What is your proudest racing moment?
A: It was really a weekend. Lance Clifford and my father-in-law Steveo went to what would be, but we didn’t know it at the time, the final UROC event in Farmington NM, it was a Saturday only event. We partied Friday night until way too late, won the event Saturday and loaded Tiny into the trailer after the last obstacle so we could drive all night to Cougar Buttes and run the Pro-Rock event. We made it just in time, won the event and the Championship. It was a clean sweep, 3 trophies in one weekend. RPR status for sure.

Q: Who do you look upto as a hero in the industry? Why?
A: Definitely the guys that are successful. Rob Mac is probably the nicest racer I’ve ever met and for sure the most dedicated. I’m also so impressed with Kyle Leduc being able to make such an amazing run in a series that has been around by driving and building such a great car. As a wannabe fabricator I respect Jon Nelson and pops for their innovation on how to do things right instead of jus the same as what everyone else does. In our series Shannon Campbell was really the leader of the pack since day one and it’s impressive to see someone like Loren just jump in and win more than anyone else, it’s a talented group.

Q:What is that one moment that you keep replaying in your head? (I should have done this, or turned like
that, or last minute race strategy that didn’t work out. Huge challenge or failure.)
A: I do that way too much but it always made the drive home feel quick. I hate making mistakes and do whatever I can to learn from them. I’ve made more than my fair share of bad decision in the heat of battle but the things that make me slightly crazy is when a part fails and afterwards I learn it was not what it was supposed to be or that something was put together incorrectly. That is why we have gone to a program of “do it all yourself” from hand assembling the engine to gearsets, our team does it all in house.

Q: Worst wreck? Afterwards, what did it take for you to get back into the car?
A: Most painful wreck for sure was at AT&T Park where the SF Giants play. I raced a pro-arena race in Jeff Mello’s CJ/Waggoneer and lawn darted so hard that I literally went through the dirt they put on top of the track and pulled lawn out. Along with a piece of my tongue. It almost compares to hitting a stuck class 3 truck while co-driving a class 17 at parker in the dust going 50. I’ll always remember that one!

Q: Training regiment? What does your ‘daily grind’ look like?
A: I was in really great shape until I hurt my shoulder about 3 years ago at KOH and it’s just finally better so I had to stop doing any upper body work for a while but now I’m back at it doing crossfit 4 days per week, mountain biking 2 days per week (just got a new fox fork and shock that are awesome) and riding moto at least once per week. I’m addicted to riding but can’t go as often as I want where I live.

Q: Walk us through getting ready for a typical race? Planning starts how far in advance? Time invested? Projects, etc?
A: It’s really insane. It is also why I’m taking some time off. I can’t go to a race without inspecting everything or I feel like we are wasting our time and money so the 200 hours we put into prep before each race was overwhelming. It took away from the family time. I needed a full time guy but never really had the ability to hire one so we decided to just race a few select events each year. KOH being the primary event.

Q: How much technology and innovation do you bring into your race team? Do you feel like you are at the front line? Why? Where and how are you developing these ideas?
A: I feel like we certainly were an innovator for the KOH stuff. I’m not sure I see as much today but still have ideas that just are underfunded to make reality. From gearing setups with the Atlas, shock packages with FOX that stood behind me when others thought it was ridiculous to make a rock crawler go fast in the desert,to companies like Spidertrax that built parts specifically for our type of racing that proven it’s strength and now is used even in 6100 and p2 trucks.

Q: What have you noticed has changed in the offroad industry since you started racing?
A: Not much from 10,000 ft but I have seen the ultra4 series really grow-up and the cars become real race cars.

Q: What is a piece of advice that you want to give to the next generation of racers? Pitcrews? Spectator
A: Actually I really love helping new racers or people that have racing experience and want to come try KOH out. I offer them all the advice I’ve learned and try to help them.

Q: Do you drive fast everyday, or just at the races?
A: I like to go 80 on the freeway and when the roads are clear push cars to the limits but around town I’m full grandma.

Q: Biggest Pet Peeve while driving on the street everyday?
A: Before texting laws I didn’t notice how many bad drivers were actually texting or talking on their phone but now it bothers me. I wish people drove engaged instead of just going with the flow but that will never happen.

Q: Do you see yourself getting into any other type of racing? If the world revolved around you…what is on your bucket list?
A: Oh, I have dreams but no way to make them reality. I always wished I could have tried to race Nascar but I can hardly afford Ultra4. I’d like to try P4 and feel that’s an obtainable goal someday.

Marketing Partners:

FOX Shox, Nitto Tires, Rubicon Express, Spidertrax, Method Wheels, Dynomax Exhaust, Rugged Radios, Tilden Motorsports, Red Line Oil, Wild West Off-Road, Fishmouth Fab Works, RCV Performance Products, Advance Adapters, High Angle Drivelines, Pac Springs, Reid Racing, Jamar Brakes, PowerTank, ARB USA, Power Steering Solutions

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