Jacquelyne “Bebe” Theisen

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E35 Jacquelyne with BackgroundGuest: Jacquelyne “Bebe” Theisen


Jacquelyne joined Bower Power Hour’s land use segment to talk about the future of off-roading. The key to being able to build successful off-road programs is knowing what the future holds. Jacquelyne believes that in order to successfully create a strong land use program to preserve land access, the time has come for the land use fight to become offensive instead of purely defensive like it has been in the past.

In order to create a bright future for off-road, Bebe believe that:
– We must get creative with our approach to manufacturing in order to help reduce environmental impact and create a more “green” industry.
– Make a 30 year plan; it’s time to actually come up with a battle plan and approach the land use problems with longevity
– Groups need to lobby for bold and lasting legislation

Jacquelyne’s tips for creating a successful Land Use program for the off-road community. These ideas support longevity in the community and allow for future generations to not only join in on the land use battles, but also to enjoy the fruits of our labors on the trails.

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