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Im not just a girl bower power hourIm not just a girl bower power hourBower Media is composed of a lot of different properties, as we like to call them. I want to give you a little insight into our I’m Not Just a Girl clothing, jewelry and gift line.

Let’s start with that. I’m Not Just a Girl is a primarily a clothing line. We offer a variety of t-shirts, v-neck shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts in sizes XSmall to 4XLarge.  I believe that everyone is welcome in my world and we design our products to include all ladies.

I create the designs right here at my desk, with the concept that it is respectful enough that my mom will be Im not just a girl bower power hourwilling to wear it, and that the teen will think it is cool enough to wear and that all of us tough girls in the middle will like it as well.  The materials that I use are very flattering to all shapes and are mostly on the longer side.  I wash and dry all of my shirts regularly and they are hearty and nice.

Im not just a girl bower power hourSome of the designs that we have put together include guns, tire tread, off-road icons, semi-trucks, nuts bolts and tools, but we also have the pink, flowers and American flag designs as well. There is always a mixture of tough and girly. We truly offer a well-rounded selection for just about every girl out there.

I come up with a new design every other month.  I am inspired by different tough girls and try to make something for them, or something Im not just a girl bower power hourrandomly catches my eye and I stop and draw it out on a piece of paper. You never know when that paper will show up on the computer screen as a final product, but that is how it happens!

We do have a jewelry line that has everything from cute $9.99 necklaces to Silver Jeep, dirt bike, snowmobile, quad and buggy charms that we can use to make necklaces or earrings. Our Gift line includes items like I’m Im not just a girl bower power hourNot Just a Girl backpacks, plastic tumbler cups, tote bags and more.  Most of these gifts go to the girls in the club, but some make it online for sale as well.

Did club perk catch your attention?  The ‘I’m not just a girl’ club members Im not just a girl bower power hourget the newest shirt hot off the press with a gift, and generally more…if you have ever received a package from us, you know there is always more in there than you ordered!  For $29 every other month, you receive all that, and it includes the shipping.

So, how did I’m Not Just a Girl get started? That’s always the big question?

Every business has its challenges and Bower Media is no different.  I was faced with challenges from the economy, but in a different way than you may think. I was crisscrossing the country going to events everywhere, but the increasing travel budget made Im not just a girl bower power hourit unreasonable for me to stay on the road.  Gas money folks; I needed gas money!  Plus, I wanted my own brand to wear, something other than the Bower Media brand.  I realized this in February of 2011, while at the King of the Hammers.

Im not just a girl bower power hour
Three days later I jumped onto a plane to go to Indianapolis for the Powersports Dealer Expo. At my layover in Denver, I did what every girl would do and wandered into the jewelry store to see what they had on display. Got it!! I will make and sell jewelry!

As I left Denver and headed to Indy, my laptop died about half way through the flight. Me in a plane with nothing to do is like trying to contain a cat with a catnip toy. So my brain did summersaults over the different opportunities, the failure points and the positive points of my idea. I got off the plane still feeling confident that I would find a solution.

Im not just a girl bower power hourIm not just a girl bower power hourIt was a cold week, but not as bad as I had experienced in Indy before. I was chatting with some of my friends that have a girl shirt line, I offered the idea of selling their brand on my online store that would feature the jewelry. With little hesitation, I had my first brand. As I walked away I remember saying, “Don’t be mad if I come up with my own line…it’s just in my personality.” But what was the line? That was still the question.

I continued to wander the show and got towards a back corner to a row where I saw new products that I wanted to know about, including a snowplow display.  Yes, snow plows.  I had just written an article so I wanted to see why his were different.

Im not just a girl bower power hourNot by any means disrespectful, the gentleman that I was talking to started the discussion at the lowest step of explanation. I could have started about 5 steps up. But how do you tell someone that? How do you tell them that just because I am a girl doesn’t mean that I don’t know what I am looking at. I specifically Im not just a girl bower power hourremember contemplating in my mind how I would try and explain my experience to him in one to two sentences, of course as he rambled on about what I already knew. When I opened my mouth it rolled off my tongue….”Im Not Just A Girl…I have” … and I stopped. I’m sure I had a smile on my face as I dug into my jeans for a pen and paper to write it down before it escaped me, I said Thank you and walked out … guess I was a little rude at the end… and I really wish i knew who I was talking to so I could let him know the outcome of our conversation.

Im not just a girl bower power hourAnyways, The flight back to California was long again, but I used it to Im not just a girl bower power hourcontemplate every angle. I started to tell my story to my mentors to see their reactions to the option of a Clothing , Jewelry and accessories line. I never told anyone the name, only 18 people knew the actual brand name before it launched. But I continued to define and redefine my concept.

Within 3 weeks, I had the first 5 designs ready.  I picked them up the night before I left for Moab Easter Jeep Safari.  I stayed up for three nights wrapping, tagging, and sorting while maintaining my normal media job.  I stayed at Grandpa’s Garage and on Tuesday night was one of the big parties of the week.  Danny allowed me the opportunity to set up my shelving and release it to the world.  April 19, 2011.  We just celebrated it’s 4 year anniversary!  Exciting times for sure!

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