Ian Johnson

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Ian Johnson headshot with background Ep14 BPH Name: Ian Johnson

Show Name: Xtreme Off-Road


Ian Johnson is host of PowerNation’s Xtreme Off-Road (formerly Xtreme 4×4). It is a show dedicated to the creation of off-road buggies and vehicles. Ian is the driving force behind the show. He creates the masterpieces in the shop, only taking 2 weeks per project! On top of filming, building, and traveling for the show, Ian also builds in his home garage.

Xtreme Off-Road is really a ‘how to’ centered show. Ian shows viewers step by step how to build these amazing vehicles. Each show is an in depth look at a build. Ian uses his experience as a High School Shop Teacher to help make the show approachable and entertaining.

Xtreme Off-Road Logo Ian Johnson Ep14 BPHQ and A with Ian Johnson:

Q: What was your first off-road vehicle and how old were you?
A: It was a Jeep CJ 7 and I was 17.

Q: What got you into the off-road world?
A: Mud bogging in Ontario, Canada.

Q: What are your 3 most memorable off-road moments?
A: Getting my job on Xtreme, building jeeps for members of ‘4 Wheels to Heal’, and Driveway Rescue.

Q: What does your ‘daily grind’ look like?
A: Wake up and drop my son off at school, head to work around 7:30, work at Xtreme Off-Road till around 5:30, head home, hang out with my family, head out to my shop and work until 11pm or 1am, go to bed, repeat.


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