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GenRight Logo BPH E18Company Name: GenRight Off Road

Guest: Tony Pellegrino


GenRight Off Road is short for Genuine Ideas Engineered Right. GenRight is committed to building the best and most innovative products for the true off-road enthusiast and believes that people want to buy high-quality, well designed products to take their Jeep to the next level. Their business philosophies are based on quality, confidence, and unmatched attention to detail, and it’s made in the USA.

Tony Featured Head Shot with Background BPH Ep 18
Tony Pellegrino

The accelerated R&D that goes into GenRight’s Ultra4 racecar each year, trickles down into all of the products that they offer. In the King of the Hammers race, every pound, every second, and every detail can mean the difference between a win or a DNF or even life and death. This means that GenRight is constantly pursuing the most cutting-edge technology and developing better ways to get their rig (and yours) through the toughest trails. GenRight’s American-Made products have even been featured in every off-road magazine and on Xtreme 4×4, Pirate4x4, and Four Wheeler TV shows since 2006!

Tony Pellegrino is the fFounder and President of GenRight Off Road, and has been wheeling since the 1970s.

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