Bower Media Adventures – Gateway Canyons

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Bower Media Adventures Gateway Canyons – with Charlene Bower

gateway canyons bower mediaI am honored to be part of the BFGoodrich Performance Team. It is a group of 20 that have been chosen by those at BFGoodrich as brand ambassadors, but really as core users that believe in the brand through and through.  Each year BFG is kind enough to find a weekend that the racers aren’t racing and bring the BFGoodrich Performance Team together to learn about their new product releases and give us the opportunity to network together.

I am very grateful for this year’s amazing experience. Matt and I got to join everyone at Gateway Canyons in Colorado.  I
have had the honor of working with their Trophy Truck rental program onsite, as well as attending the Baja gateway canyons bower media500 with the Driven Experiences team last year, but this was my first time at the actual facility.  It’s incredible, and I highly recommend that you put it on your bucket list!

After flying in, we started the week with a dinner at the Auto Museum that features The Hendricks car collection that spans over 60 amazingly unique vehicles.  I had many favorites, but I can’t deny the wow factor of walking into a room with a one-of-a-kind 1954 Oldsmobile F-88 concept car which was purchased in 2005 for 3.25 million dollars! Wow!


DSC_0144Gateway Canyon is a unique resort surrounded by much beauty, of which we got to explore during some of our activity times.  On the first day we got to go on two adventures. In the morning we drove a very fancy Dodge Charger with the new g-force COMP 2 A/S tires about 30 minutes away from the resort to a lookout where we got to see the Dolores River Hanging Flume that was built in 1887 to bring water to the gold mining operation. It’s approximately 12 miles long and gradually goes up to 75 feet above the river.  It’s truly amazing!



gateway canyons bower mediaIn the afternoon we got to drive a stock Jeep JK, which is fun in itself. I think that was the first time I had truly driven a stock jeep!  Well, it wasn’t fully stock, it had the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 tires on it.  We wandered out into one of the many offroad adventure areas where there were rumored to be many artifacts from generations of travellers.

The following day we had our choice of a few different activities, including driving the Spec Trophy Truck, but Matt and I decided on the Tools of Time. We got to participate in all the different ways of hunting from the arrow, to knife, to bow and arrow up to some current guns.  I will say, our tribe would definitely starve if I was in charge of throwing knives, but with a gun, we would eat well!!  Next up, we jumped into an Arctic Cat and went on another red dirt adventure.  We had so much fun in so many different areas!


With our meetings included, we didn’t have a lot of time to wander around and visit the horse stables, but we did get out to the race shop.  It was great to see their facility.  Now when you hear of Driven Experiences racing or Gateways Canyons you have a little more information, but please take some time to check out their website and history at



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