Emme Hall

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Mega Monkey Motorsports Logo BPH E18Name: Emme Hall

Team Name: Mega Monkey Motorsports


Emme Hall does it all. Located in Washington D.C., the self proclaimed, “racer, rabble-rouser, and reviewer,” Emme acts as co-owner of Mega Monkey Motorsports with her father Larry Hall. Emme also does car reviews for TFLcar.com.

When not racing in the US for Mega Monkey Motorsports, Emme Hall is in Morocco competing in the ladies only,Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. The race crosses the desert and gives the girls only maps and compasses to navigate the terrain as they race from check-in point to check-in point.

Emme Featured Head Shot with Background BPH E18In addition to racing and rabble-rousing, Emme has also been featured in a number of articles in Dirt Sports, Dusty Times, S&S Off Road Magazine, Dirt Newz, Race Dezert, Moto IQ and Gearbox Magazine. She has also popped up on quite a few internet and radio racing and review talk shows.

Emme Hall may seem like she has quite a bit on her plate, but that doesn’t stop her from constantly expanding her brand with new business ideas, like her calendar or her new show ‘Empowered Women with Emme Hall”

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