Bower Media Adventures – Durhamtown Off Road Resort

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Bower Media Adventures Durhamtown Off Road Resort – with Charlene Bower

I recently went to Georgia, and I can’t tell you why I went, or what exactly I was doing there, but I can tell you I had an awesome time! The Durhamtown Off Road Resort in Union Point Georgia is a park everyone needs to BFG-Durhamtown-KM3test-5put on their bucket list. To throw out some impressive stats, they have 14 tracks and 150 miles of trails across 6000 acres.  When we first pulled up I was immedietly impressed with their large display of rental vehicles and for sale vehicles. As we walked into the check in area, there were all kinds of out buildings that had parts, food and of course refreshing refreshments for the end of the day.

Our day of wheeling took us down a couple of fun and red mud, or should I say Red Georgia Clay trails to other areas of the park that were filled with deep mud. It had recently rained so our mud experience was at the highest level.

You will have to laugh at my luck though, I definitely did. I was driving a 2-door JK out on the trail having a great time. A BFGoodrich Tires test driver and myself were in the Jeep and after our little expedition, we BFG-Durhamtown-KM3test-13headed back to the main area where we sat to have lunch. Not long after, a group came in whooping and hollering my name. As I turned around I saw someone holding a fender! Yes, I had drove the fenders off this JK too! Seriously, you cannot tell when they fall off at all! So, now, laughingly, My new statement is going to be “have you checked your fenders?”. It has been the year of the fender!  If you don’t know why I am saying that, and haven’t heard about my first fender-dropping experience, head back to the July 30th episode where we talk about our experience at the RallyVenture in Reno.

One of the other cool pieces of the trip was having dinner in Covington, Georgia where downtown was used as the set of  Dukes of Hazzard in the very beginning episodes, and then the future set was built to match the town.  We had an amazing dinner in a room full of doors but that is a whole other story.  

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