Offroaders Rock – Dale’s Give Back Jeep Build

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Tim and Matt Headshot with Background EP14 BPH
Matt Filer and Tim Diekmann

Project Name: Dale’s Give Back Jeep Build

Guests: Tim Diekmann and Matt Filer

Important Crew: Robert Ryczak and Liquid Iron Industries

Recipient: Dale Bird


Tim and Matt’s buddy Dale Bird is a one-of-a-kind guy. He is the type of guy who always gives generously and without question. Dale is always there to lend a helping hand whenever he is needed, no matter what he was doing at the time. Because of his generous, selfless nature, Tim and Matt decided it was time give back to the guy who gives everything.

Before and After Dale's Give Back Jeep Build Ep13 BPH
Dale’s Jeep Before and After

When Dale went away for Air Assault Training to further his military career, they decided to fix-up his old Jeep. Dale had been working on his Jeep for over 2 years before he left. Unfortunately it was nothing but a shell, a pile of parts, and some half-baked ideas on what the finished product should be. Tim and Matt took it upon themselves (with some additional help here and there) to strip Dale’s hunk of junk down and create something amazing. Dave’s Give Back Jeep Build was born!

The day that Dale left Tim and Matt “embarked on a journey of cursing, hating, and old-fashioned elbow grease”, stated Tim. Over the two weeks Dale was gone the duo (with some help from Robert Ryczak after much begging) fabricated and assembles a complete rolling Eliminator blender chassis.

In the end both Tim and Matt agree that the build was worth every bead of sweat and tear of frustration when they saw the look of surprise and joy on Dale’s face at the reveal. Thankfully for Matt, he is the President of Liquid Iron Industries and had plenty of shop room and tools for the build!

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